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The Church of the Assumption, Erinsville

Township of Sheffield, Lennox and Addington County


In 1851-1853, with much hard work, continual fund-raising and no doubt, many prayers by the priest, a Catholic church was erected in Sheffield township. This building (below) was frame on a stone foundation, and resembled many neighbouring Protestant churches. It was located near White Lake, and was not on the site of the present church. The Catholic settlers had been burying on lot 6, concession III, White Lake since 1849. In those days, before the north-south colonization trail, the Addington Road, was properly surveyed and cleared, water and ice and the old trail up from Belleville (the "Marlbank road") made White Lake a suitable choice. The old church is no longer there, but the burying ground shows the location. When the congregation grew and prospered, the first little pioneer building was replaced with a larger structure close to the Addington Road.


First subscribers

and their pledges for the erection of the earliest, Roman Catholic Church in Sheffield, June, 1850.

Murphy, Thomas, 8 ["Squire Murphy"]

Baily, James, 1/10

Bartly, William, 1/10

Burns, Peter, 2

Campbell, James Snr., 3

Casy, James, 1/10

Collins, James, 2/10

Collins, Lawrence, 1/10

Donohue, Thomos, 2

Doyle, Owen, 1/5

Finn, John, 3

Gafney, Thomas, 1/10

Garrett, James, 2

Garrett, William, 2/10

Glascoe, Michael, 2

Harrington, William, 1/10

Hayes, Martin, 1/5

Hays, Thomos, 3

Hinch, John, 2

Hopkins, Benjamin, 2

Hopkins, William, 2

Judge, Thomos, 2/10

Keeghan, Michael, 2

Kennedy, John, 3

Killoran, James, 4

Lacy, Bernard, 5

Lacy, James, 1/10

Lacy, Peter, 5

MacAlpen, James, 2/10

MacCann, John, 2/10

MacDonald, John, 2

MacKoewne, Patrick of Hungerford, 2

MacNally, Francis, 2

MacNamara, Peter, 1/10

MacNamara, William, 2

Mahoney, Michael, 2

Martin, Bernard, 2

McDonnell, Archibold, 5

McIntire, Patrick, 5

McKoewne, James, 2

McKoewne, Michael, 2

McKoewne, William, 5

McMullen, Bartle, 5

McMullen, Patrick, 7/10

Mellan, Hugh, 1/10

Mellan, James, 1/8/9

Mellan, John, 5

Murphy, John, of Ballahack, 2

Murphy, Michael, carpenter, 1/10

Murphy, Michael, farmer, 2

Murphy, Patrick, of Ballahack, 2

Murphy, Richard, 5

O'Brien, Daniel, 2

O'Hern, Michael, 1/10

O'Neile, Darley, 1/5

Potchet, Alexander, 1/10

Quinn, Francis, 1/10

Roach, Edmond, 2/10

Roach, Patrick, 1/10

Ryan, John, 1/10

Simson [sic], John, 1/10

Walsh, Joseph, 1/10

West, John, 4

West, William, 5

Whealan, the Widow, 2

Whealan, Patrick, 1/10

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