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Detail. Methodist Episcopal General Conference, held at Napanee, August, 1874 Rev. William A. Sills was born in Prince Edward county in about 1831. In 1871, he was stationed in Percy township. Although most of the men at the 1874 Conference apparently had enjoyed long life, Rev. Sills had only a brief career. He died in Brighton, Northumberland county on 13th January, 1878, after an illness of three years. Cause of death was described as "cough" but it is ikely he had tuberculosis. The composite photograph is badly damaged in the area of Rev. Sills' picture. This image is enhanced.
W.A. Sills -Exhibit #3 The Methodist Episcopal Conference of 1874 -Credit: The Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives
Rev. Wm. A. Sills

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