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Record 35/64
Detail. Methodist Episcopal General Conference, held at Napanee, August, 1874. Rev. Bidwell Lane, M.A. Born in Augusta township, Ontario c1844, Lane was probably named for the reformer, Barnabas Bidwell. From the late 1860's until the mid 1870's, Lane was stationed in Ottawa-Carleton. In 1881, he was serving in Belleville. There must be a wider family connection with the Quinte area as Dr. M.S. Lane of Napanee Christened his son "Freeman Bidwell Lane" in 1887. In 1889, Lane and his wife Margaret ("Maggie") took a trip to the British Isles, returning via New York. This must have marked a watershed in his life as after they returned, Lane left the ministry and went out to the West. He and his family appear on the 1891 census in Selkirk, Manitoba, and he gave his occupation then as "farmer". There may have been health issues which prompted the move. Lane died in hospital at Stanley, Manitoba in 1892. At the 1874 Conference, during the highly charged session to select a new bishop, it was Lane and Carman who received the most votes in the first ballot. This may be an indication of respect for his abilities, or it may be an indication of his politics. In the second round, Carman was elected. The original composite photograph is cracked across this image and also stained.
B. Lane -Exhibit #3 The Methodist Episcopal Conference of 1874 -Credit: The Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives
Rev. Bidwell Lane

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