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Record 11/64
Detail. Methodist Episcopal General Conference, held at Napanee, August, 1874 Possibly Rev. Walter L. Brown of Elgin county. There are several Methodist Episcopal clergymen by the name of "W. Brown" in 1874. However, based upon age, we have identified this man as Rev. Walter L. Brown of Malahide township. Walter L. Brown was the son of Walter and Jemima Brown, and was born in Ontario in about 1834. He was married three times. In May of 1861, he married Melia [Amelia?] C. Backhouse. She died shortly after, and in 1865, Rev. Brown married Sarah Doolittle of Malahide township. Sarah also died young, and Rev. Brown married Ether Karn in West Zorra in May of 1874, shortly before this Conference. Esther and her people were Baptists. Rev. Brown appears on the 1871 Census as "Religion - Episcopal Methodist", "Occupation - Episcopal Minister". On his marriage registration in 1874, he is described as "Rev'd Walter L. Brown". However, shortly after his marriage he decided to leave the clergy and on the 1881 census he is described as a manufacturer. Walter L. Brown, farmer and manufacturer, died in Elgin county on April 5, 1890.
W. Brown -Exhibit #3 The Methodist Episcopal Conference of 1874 -Credit: The Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives
Rev. W. Brown

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