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Record 9/64
Detail. Methodist Episcopal General Conference, held at Napanee, August, 1874 Rev. William Bird was born in 1811 in Ireland. He seems to have spent much of his life in Hastings county. He was in Sidney township in 1851, but lived mostly in Thurlow township, where he was active as a grass-roots preacher. He was living in Thurlow in 1871 and would have attended the Conference from Thurlow in 1874. He would have been 62 when the photograph was taken and it captures the intensity of this wiry little man. The 1871 census says "born in Ontario". In 1881, he was still in Thurlow and told the census-taker that he was born in Ireland. He died 14 December, 1896, in Belleville at the age of 85. The person who registered his death wrote "born United States" possibly because Bird's wife, Phoebe Ann (who died in 1883), came from New York State. The clerk then crossed out the entry and wrote "born Ireland".
W. Bird -Exhibit #3 The Methodist Episcopal Conference of 1874 -Credit: The Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives
Rev. W. Bird

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