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LAFAYETTE LOTT (1829-1891)

The family of Lafayette Lott came to Canada from the United States. His early life is a mystery, but as a young married man, he acquired a farm at Napanee Mills (now Strathcona). Because of the abundant water power, Napanee Mills was a proto-industrial hamlet, with ample opportunites for wage labour to supplement farming. Lafayette had some education, and appears to have done some clerking, but all the same it seem that he may have found it difficult to satisfy himself with daily activities. Among other things, he was an amateur poet, and it is said that some of the verses which appeared in local papers in the 1860's were his compositions. His wife, Margaret, appears on the 1861 census as "born in Upper Canada" but other records suggest that she may have been born in Scotland. Anyway, she claimed Scottish ancestry, and as a young mother she supplemented the family income by working as a seamstress for the mills, as did many women in the village. It is unclear whether their work involved only clothing the workers, or whether there was sewing work connected with the output of one of the factories.

The Lotts had six children:

Eva Jane Lott (c1858-1909) stayed at home to help her mother nurse her father in his old age, and therefore died unmarried. As a child, she was good at school, and as an adult was very well read, but found little outlet for her interests in the small, rural community of Camden township. She was very involved with the church, but must have still found her life confining. References in the local paper show that she frequently drove the buggy into town on some errand or other.

Rachel Victoria Lott (she went by 'Victoria' or 'Vic') (c1860 - ?) was also a spirited and well-educated woman. She married young, but was widowed or separated from her husband (the records are moot on this point). Before her marriage, she was a school teacher, and she later worked to support herself and her son, Hugh Roney. Hugh justified her hard work. He went to university, became a medical doctor, and later practised in the Frontenac - Lennox & Addington area. The Roneys too succumbed to the temptation to try life 'State-side'. In 1917, Victoria was living in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, probably to be near her son.

Adam Lott, the oldest son, (1864-1891) died tragically in a railway accident while working in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Hugh Lott, the second son, (c1870- ? ) went out to the West to seek his fortune.

Nellie Lott (c1872 - ? ) married Henry Wood, a cheesemaker, of Cheter, Orange County, New York. They began married life in New York State, and were in the habit of shipping large samples of cheese back to the family. They later moved to Kingston, Ontario.

Reuben or Roy Lott (1879 - ? ) moved to the United States. In 1917, he was living in Binghampton, N.Y.

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