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Napanee Express, November 8, 1932: PROSPECTOR DIES IN HIS 101st YEAR.
John Foote, pioneer prospector, was found dead sitting in a chair in his room at 831 Dundas Street East, Toronto, on Sunday afternoon. He was 100 years old. The late Mr. Foote was born in Napanee, Ont., and celebrated his 100th birthday on May 20 last. Miss Sarah Stevens, at whose home Mr. Foote died, said he was one of the pioneer prospectors and miners of Northern Ontario. He had a camp near Parry Sound. For the past 20 years, he had lived in Toronto. For about six years, he was an invalid. A married daughter, Mrs. Edgar Smith, resides in Long Branch.

The Foote Family of Napanee.

David Foote Born 28 March, 1776, in North Brantford, Connecticut
Died 5 May,1843, Napanee, Ontario
Married Elizabeth Smith
Born 4 July, 1784 or 1787
Died Oct. 2, 1856. Buried Vandebogart Cemetery Napanee, Ontario.

The First Canadian generation:

1. Margaret Elizabeth Foote
Born 20 April, 1809
Married 17 May 1826 to Staats Kimmerly

1.1 Sarah Eliza Kimmerly born 24 June, 1828
1.2 Mary Catherine Kimmerly born 22 December, 1830
1.3 Amanda Kimmerly born 12 October, 1832
1.4 Jane Kimmerly, born 4 Sept., 1834
1.5 John Cartwright Kimmerly, born 11 Jan. 1838

2. David John Smith Foote [of Napanee]
Born 2 December, 1811
Married 20 July, 1835 Eliza Barton

2.1 Allen Foote born 5 July, 1836
2.2 John Foote born 7 September, 1839
2.3 Elizabeth Amelia Foote born 2 January, 1842
2.4 Benjamin E. Foote, born 10 May, 1845
2.5 Margaret S[o]phoronia Foot, born ?
2.6 Peter Anson Foote, born ?

3. Benjamin Foote [of Camden Twp. and Napanee]
Born 6 March, 1815
Married 18 July, 1837 Lucy Ann Briggs

3.1 Benjamin Smith Foote, born 15 June 1838
3.2 Mary Elizabeth Foote, born 30 August, 1840, Camden Twp.
She married John H. Stevenson of Napanee.
3.3 John Wesley Foote, born 20 May, 1842
3.4 Irvine Foote, born 24 March, 1844
3.5 Daniel A. Foote, born 28 December, 1845.
Married Isabella C. Hope of Napanee Moved to Madoc.

4. Asa Foote
Born 3 September 1817
Married 17 Feb. 1844 Mary Baldwin
Lived Newburgh, Ontario.

Known issue:
4.1 Samuel Foote, born 22 February, 1844, in Newburgh.
Married Pamila Fitchett on Nov. 7, 1865.

5. John Edwin Foote
This may be John Edmund Foote of Hungerford Twp.
Born 20 September, 1822
Married Mary Hudgeons.

5.1 Nelson Foote, born 1849.
Married Julia Ann Clark, Oct. 7,1871, in Napanee
5.2 Marshall Wellington Foote, born 1849.
Married Matilda Ann Dafoe on Feb. 25, 1875, Napanee.
5.3 William Foote
5.4 Alice Foote

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