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Enlisted Personnel, World War One - N, O, P

Nash, Walter William:
Born at Consecon, Ontario. Before the war, his family were living at Bath in Lennox and Addington. Occupation, druggist. In 1915, Nash was working in Cleveland, Ohio. He returned to enlist in January, 1916 and served the duration of the war in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. #535471

Neilson, Harold Hagerman:
A.k.a. Harold Howard Neilson. Born Amherst Island. Enlisted June, 1916. Not selected for overseas service due to his health. Served in Field Ambulance Unit, Depot Battalion. #536016

Neilson, John J.:
Born Amherst Island. Enlisted 1916 in Winnipeg (where he was a student taking college courses) and went overseas with 183rd Battalion. In England, he was taken on strength with the 108th Battalion with which he went to France. Due to poor eyesight he served in a support capacity and was not sent to the front line. #871141

Nelson, Eaken Samuel:
Born at Bath. Occupation, bank clerk. Conscripted Kingston, 5 April, 1918. Served in 1st Depot Battalion. #3057670

Newman, George:
Born in England. Lived on Amherst Island. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Served overseas with 146th Battalion. Saw frontline action in France and was wounded on two occasions, once in the leg and once in the head and hand. #637215

Newman, Harold:
Born Casterland, U.S.A. Lived at Moscow, Ontario. Occupation, farmer. Enlisted March, 1916 with 146th Battalion. #83571

Nichols, William:
Lived in Conway. Served in Canadian Expeditionary Force. Nothing further is known, and no one by this description found in Attestation Papers.

Norris, Raymond Grant:
Of Napanee, cabinet maker, enlisted Feb. 13,1917. Served with 253rd Battalion. #1090319

North, John Preston:
Born England [Nottingham]. Enlisted in the British Army at age 18 and saw action with 16th Regiment in Dinapore, India and other places. He was in the Soudan in 1884. He retired with the rank of Corporal, and came to Napanee, where he worked as a tailer. In 1916, he enlisted with the 155th Battalion and served for two years. North was awarded the Khedive's Star for the Soudan Campaign by Queen Victoria. #636592

O'Hara, Arthur:
Born in Scotland. Came to Newburgh as a boy and attended school there. Enlisted November, 1917. Served overseas with the 10th Canadian Railway Troops and saw ten months of action, including Kemmel Hill, Zillebeke Lake and was part of the big drive in the spring of 1918. Was severely shell-shocked twice, and for this reason was invalided home ahead of the rest of his unit in Novmeber, 1918. #2503056

Oldham, Harold Benjamin:
Born Yarker, son of J.H. Oldham, M.D. Attended Napanee Collegiate and Trinity College School. Enlisted with the Canadian Army Service Corps in Kingston in 1915 and spent two years as a supply clerk for Number 3 Company. Impatient for action, he joined the Royal Flying Corps in July of 1917 and trained at Camp Mohawk and Camp Borden and [Fort Worth], Texas, where he received his commission as a Lieutenant. Went overseas and was assigned to fly in support of the French forces. He shot down six German planes, but was only creditted for four, as the other two were not witnessed. The last encounter was only the night before the Armistice. Oldham was also with the army of occupation in Germany the winter of 1918-1919.

Oldham, John:
Born Yarker, son of J.H. Oldham, M.D. Attended Napanee Collegiate and Trinity College School. Enlisted 1917. Served overseas with the 32nd Battalion as a gunner. Was at Passchendaele. In December of 1917, came down with pneumonia and was taken out of the front lines. #342919

Oliver, James Franklin:
Born Port Hope. Lived Napanee. Teamster. Enlisted January, 1916 and assigned to the Army Service Corps. #511717

Oliver, Lorne Gould:
Born just west of Napanee in Richmond township. Occupation before enlisting, druggist, Calgary. Served overseas with 50th Battalion. Lost his life at the Battle of Amiens, August, 1918. #435843

O'Neil, Howard:
Born in Camden East. By the war, living in Strathcona. Occupation, farm labourer. Enlisted with 146th Battalion in December 1915. #835180

O'Neill, Charles Michael:
Born Erinsville. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058424

O'Neill, Jerome:
Born Erinsville. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058431

Osmond, Edgar:
Born in Camden East. Also lived at Yarker. Occupation before enlisting, carpenter. Served in Canada with the 146th Battalion. #835059

Owel, W. E.:
Of Croydon. Served in 109th Battalion. Rev. A.J. Wilson probably mis-heard this name, which does not exist in the Attestations and does not match anyone in the 1901 census.

Page, Henry E.:
Born at Ipswich, England. Came to Napanee as a young teen-ager. Before enlisting, was employed as a farm labourer. He enlisted with the 77th Battalion, but when overseas also served with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and the Royal Engineers. Was at Sanctuary Wood, Hill 60, Amiens, Passchendaele, the Menin Road etc. and final entry into Mons. Became something of an expert on tunnelling. He was awarded the Military Medal for his part in the mining operations which penetrated the enemy position at Mount Sorrel to the left of Hill 60 on July 7, 1917. The medal was presented by Major-General J.M. Babington (23rd Division). Page was also given a commission as First Lieutenant with the Royal Engineers. He was wounded once and also gassed, but not severely. He transferred back to the Canadian Engineers prior to coming home and went with them into Germany as far as Cologne. #144662

Palmer, Alfred George:
Was born at Necton in Norfolk, England, in 1876. He immigrated to Canada and settled at Napanee shortly before the war. He was employed by one of the railways. He enlisted in February, 1915 at the age of 39 in the 39th Battalion and saw action. He was wounded and spent considerable time in hospital. #412915

Palmer, George:
Of Napanee. Said to have served in Army Service Corps. No one of this name has been found and we suspect that this is the same person as Alfred George Palmer, who after his convalescence was transferred out of the active units.

Parks, Bruce C.:
Born in North Fredericksburgh. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Conscripted June, 1918, to 1st Depot Battalion and was training in England when the war ended. #3060556

Parks, Claud:
Born in Harlowe, Frontenac county. Lived in Kaladar township. Enlisted in Flinton in 1916. Served overseas in France and Belgium with the Canadian Army Service Corps. Was at Arras, Canal du Nord, Amiens, Cambrai, Valenciennes and the final assault on Mons. #835146

Parks, Franklin James:
Born near Hay Bay. Prior to enlisting, was managing the family farm. He was conscripted to the 1st Depot Battalion in 1918 at Barriefield but was given leave to put in his crop and again to participate in the harvest, so never went overseas.

Parks, Frederick E.:
Born at Tamworth. Occupation before enlisting, carpenter. He had ten years of experience in the militia, and enlisted with the rank of Sergeant. He served overseas with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and with the Canadian Forestry Corps. He saw action at Vimy Ridge, [Artois?], Hill 70 and Passchendaele, where he was wounded. #835716

Parks, William Harold:
Born in Napanee but by 1917 working in Winnipeg as a lineman. Conscripted February, 1918, in Manitoba and served in 1st Depot Battalion. #2380577

Parrott, John Ross:
Born near Odessa, Ontario. Occupation at time of enlistment, student, Civil Engineer, Queen's University at Kingston. At that time, he already had two years of training with the Canadian Engineers and held the rank of Sapper. He served overseas with the 256th Battalion with the commission of Lieutenant, and was in France and Belgium. Was at the bombardment of Nieuport, 10 July, 1917; also the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele, November, 1917).

Path, J.:
Of Flinton, said to have served in 2nd Depot Battalion. This may be a member of the Bath family of Kaladar. No one named Pathcould be found.

Patterson, Bert:
Of Camden. This may be Robert George Patterson of Oso and Camden, a teamster. #835444

Patterson, Marguerite:
Born in Camden township. Trained as a nurse at a New York hospital. Went overseas in August of 1916. Stationed in France. Marguerite was a very attractive young woman, and the wounded soldiers nicknamed her, "Spanish Eyes". She was the first Canadian nurse to be wounded. She was serving at a clearing station during the big drive of 1918 when there was an air raid. Despite the red cross on the roofs of the tents, the enemy bombed the hospital. Miss Patterson showed great courage under fire, was wounded by shrapnel but tried to continue as long as she could. When transportation was possible, she was taken to back to London, thence to a convalescent home at Buxton, and then invalided home to Queen's Military Hospital. On her return to Canada, Marguerite mounted a spirited campaign to have wounded non-enlisted personnel such as nurses accorded the same awards as the soldiers. She was unsuccessful but much admired by contemporaries for her attempts.

Paul, Grant Lorenzo:
Born Napanee. Occupation at time of enlistment, student. (He said "clerk" on the Attestation.) He was only sixteen, so was not sent to the front. Served with 15th Field Ambulance in England for over two years. #536152

Peccione, Ernest:
According to Wilson (1922) an Ernest Peccione of Napanee served with the 80th Battalion. We have been unable to find any other reference to this man.

Pennell, Joseph A.:
Born near Roblin. Before enlisting, was helping on the family farm. Joined up in 1916. Taken on strength with the 95th Battalion (4th Canadian Mounted Rifles) in England and went with them to France where he took part in the First Battle for Vimy Ridge. Bullet wounds to the hands and face caused him to be hospitalized. Back at the front, he was gassed August 25, 1918, but continued in service until discharged in 1919. #835483

Perkins, A. W.:
According to Wilson (1922) lived Northbrook and served in 3rd Depot Battalion. We have been unable to find anyone matching this description.

Perrault, Thomas L.:
Born Enterprise. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058425

Perry, H. H.:
Wilson (1922) says an H.H. Perry of Napanee served in the artillery. We believe that this is Hugh Blain Perry of Napanee, a student at Queen's University when drafted in January of 1918. Served in 72nd (Queen's) Battalion. #343290

Perry, Thomas Louis:
Born near Myers Cave. Occupation before enlisting, labourer. Enlisted with 146th Battalion in 1916. Taken on strength with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and fought with them at Vimy Ridge, where he was slightly wounded. After recovery, returned to unit and was with them at Passchendaele, where he was killed by the concussion of a shell blast. Joseph Miller and Herbert Hawley of Cloyne were with him at the time, and helped to bury him. He is commemorated on the Vimy Memorial (Menin Gate). #835363

Perry, William G.:
Born Violet, Ontario. Occupation, farmer. Enlisted 1914 and went overseas with the First Contingent. Served with the Royal Canadian Regiment. He did garrison duty with them in Bermuda from September 1914 until July, 1915, then went with them to France and was at Hooge in 1916, also the Somme, Lens, Passchendaele, Amiens, Cambrai. He was wounded twice. #477717

Peters, Jacob Allen:
Born Enterprise. Occupation before enlisting, carpenter, living at Yarker. Signed on with 146th Battalion. Transferred to 39th Battalion, but was posted within Canada. Received a promotion to Sergeant and then to Sergeant Instructor. (Had prior military training with the 47th Regiment.) #835060

Peters, Dorval:
Born Kinmount, Ontario. Lived at Newburgh. Occupation before enlisting, labourer. Wanted to go overseas but was below the desired height, being 5'3" tall, so served in Canada with the 254th Battalion and the 230th Battalion. #835448

Peters, Israel:
Born in Storrington township or Ernestown township. Lived Newburgh. Before enlisting was working on the railways. Volunteered for the 146th Batallion in 1916, and saw action in both France and Belgium. He was at Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele. #835901

Peters, Lester:
Born in the United States in 1873, but at the age of three came to Canada. Lived Newburgh, Napanee. Enlisted in 254th Battalion and served in Canada. #1093256

Peters, Stanley:
Born Sydenham, Frontenac county. Lived Newburgh. Occupation, farmer. Enlisted 1915 with 130th Battalion. #787309

Phippen, Harold Arthur:
Born near Napanee. Lived for a while near Conway. By the outbreak of the war, he was in Dryden working on a farm. He enlisted in 1915 with 94th Battalion (Algoma Regiment) and went overseas with them. #198547

Phippen, John Preston:
Born near Conway, Ontario. Before the war, moved with his brother to Dryden, Ontario, where he was farming when he was conscripted in June of 1918. Served with the 1st Depot Battalion (Manitoba). #2384078

Plumley, Charles Herbert:
Born and lived in Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, baker. Volunteered September 1915 for the 80th Battalion. #219448

Pollard, James Gerald:
Born Adolphustown. At age fifteen, moved with his family to Napanee. Was one of the first from the county to enlist, September 22, 1914 and saw action in France and Belgium. At the Second Battle of Ypres, April, 1915, the Canadians suffered heavy casualties during German gas attacks and over 2000 men were taken prisoner. Pollard was reported to be a prisoner of war on April 24th at [Langmark]. He was incarcerated throughout the duration of the conflict and was not released until November 27, 1918. He held the 1914-1915 Star. #8139

Potter, Wilfrid Casey:
Born at Moscow, Ontario. He was looking after the family farm when he was conscripted in July of 1918. He served in the Royal Canadian Dragoons, Depot Squadron for a brief period. #550827

Powell, William Edmund:
Born Richibucto, New Brunswick, 1885. Graduate of Moncton Business College and Mount Allison University. Moved to Lennox and Addington (Enterprise) when about 30 years of age. Was employed in railroad building, particularly the construction of concrete bridges. We believe that he was one of the men over-seeing the widening of the C.N.R. line through the county. Enlisted in 1916. Went overseas and was taken on strength with the 95th Battalion, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, with whom he went to France. Fought with the C.M.R. at Vimy Ridge and survived the initial thrust on the 9th of April. Killed in action at the Ridge, April 23rd, 1917 during consolidation operations. George Cooper of Enterprise was with him when he died. Buried near battlefield. His name is on the Vimy Memorial. #835528

Powers, James L.:
Born Erinsville. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058418

Preston, Miss G.
Nothing known.

Preston, Harry F.:
Born in Napanee. While at Napanee Collegiate, received military training in the Cadet Corps. Occupation, medical doctor. Graduated from Queen's University at Kingston, 1914. He went to Alberta to experience the West, and it was in Calgary that he enlisted with the Canadian Army Medical Corps in 1916. He went overseas with the 63rd Battalion but was later taken on strength with the 29th Battalion. He served in France, Belgium and Germany, and was promoted to Captain. Harry Preston was at Vimy, [Arleux], Fresny (St. Quentin), Hill 70, Lens, Passchendaele, Arras, Amiens, Cambrai, and Valenciennes. For establishing a dressing station in an advanced position under heavy enemy fire, he was "Gazetted". This was at Passchendaele, where out of the twenty officers in his unit, he was one of only two to survive. He was later awarded the Military Cross. However, he preferred to tell youngsters that he had been "the best poker player in the 29th Battalion Officers' Mess!". He returned to Canada in May of 1919 but continued in service until 1920 as Senior Medical Officer in Charge of Dependants' Trans-Atlantic Conducting Staff. Following the war, he practised medicine in Toronto. He died there in 1943, but is buried in Napanee Riverside Cemetery.

Price, Edward Rogers:
Born in Mountain Grove, Ontario. Occupation before the war, farmer. Enlisted March, 1916 and was sent overseas. He served at the Front nearly three years, and was in England when the Armistice was signed, having been wounded a few months before. He arrived back in Canada on January 1st, 1919. In 1922, he purchased a farm at Empey Hill (Richmond township) and lived there until his death on June 8th, 1938, at the early age of 45 years. He is buried in Napanee Riverview Cemetery. #835793

Priest, Kenneth:
Born in Ernesttown township, but as a small child moved with his family to Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Decided to go out to Alberta to assist on the farms, and signed up there in 1917. Served in France with the 27th Battalion, who promoted him from Gunner to Bombardier. From January, 1918 until the Armistice he was at every major deployment of the 27th, including Lens, Arras, Amiens, Cambrai, Valenciennes and the advance to Mons, and survived. Following the war, he went to Michigan. #2045040

Pringle, Anson:
Born in Denbigh. Occupation before enlisting, farmer near Elk Lake, Ontario. Signed up in May of 1916. Served with 146th Battalion. #1006266

Pringle, Charles:
Born in Flinton, but enlisted in Belleville in March, 1916. Occupation at time of enlistment, labourer. He served with the 155th Battalion in France and Belgium, and saw action at Vimy Ridge, Fresny and Cambrai. While underfire, he was hit in the leg and in the chest which ultimately brought about his discharge home. #636903

Pringle, George Ira:
Born on Amherst Island. In the early days of the war, Pringle went out West, ending in Calgary, Alberta, where he found a job as a conductor on the streetcars. He enlisted there in 1915 and went overseas with the 56th Battalion with whom he saw considerable front-line action, including the Third Battle of Ypres, Courcellette, Regina Trench, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Lens, Passchendaele, Amiens, Cambrai and the push to Mons. He received four promotions in the field, culminating in the rank of Sergeant. For courage under fire at Cambrai, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. He received a slight wound from shell fire at Courcellette, in 1916 and was temporarily blinded by gas at Cambrai in September, 1918. #447187

Pringle, Jesse James:
Was born near Flinton and farmed near Cloyne, but at the time he enlisted, was living with his mother at Point Anne. He volunteered for the 38th Battalion in May of 1915. Unable to read or write, and below the preferred height for a frontline soldier, Pringle was at first deployed on garrison duty in Bermuda where he fretted that he was missing the war. The large number of casualties in the fighting units brought opportunity, and he was sent to England for training, then taken on strength with a combat unit and sent to France in August, 1916 where he saw much action, including the death of his brother, Joseph at Vimy Ridge. #410593

Pringle, Joseph:
Born near Cloyne. At time he enlisted, living with his wife in Kingston and working as a labourer. Older brother of Jesse Pringle, and enlisted with him in the 38th Battalion at Belleville. Like his brother, he began the war on garrison duty in Bermuda. Then, the 38th went to England for training and then on to France in August, 1916. He fought at Vimy Ridge, and was killed in action during the consolidation on April 27, 1917. His brother, Jesse, was with him at the time. Buried La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Vimy. #410592

Pringle, M. P.:
Of Napanee. Served in 3rd Depot Battalion. Nothing further known.

Pringle, Max VanLuven:
Born near Cloyne but lived for a while at Newburgh. At the time he enlisted, he was working for Canada Cement at Point Anne. He signed up in October, 1916 with the 155th Battalion, was sent to England to train and then to France just before Christmas, 1916. He served in France and Belgium and was at Vimy Ridge, Fresny, Hill 70, Passchendaele, Arras and Amiens. He was promoted in the field to Lance Corporal and was wounded three times. #637216

Pringle, William Ross:
Born at Stella, Amherst Island. At the outbreak of the war, he was employed as a bank clerk at Calgary, Alberta. Enlisted in the 11th Field Ambulance, Canadian Army Medical Corps, in August, 1916. Served overseas in France, Belgium. Was at Lens, Amiens, Arras, Canal du Nord, Cambrai, where his commanding officer was Captain Stirling. On the 19th of September, 1918, he lost his life [while evacuating wounded at following capture of the Drocourt-Queant Line]. He is buried at Queant Communal Cemetery, British Extension, Pas de Calais, France. #583380

Prout, Alice A.:
Born at Dorland, South Fredericksburgh. Trained as a nurse in the United States, and served in a medical unit with the United States Army.

Prue, John:
Born [Erinsville], Ontario. Lived near Napanee. Occupation, farm labourer. Conscripted to 1st Depot Battalion in November, 1917. Trained in England and taken on strength with 21st Battalion in May of 1918. He was severely wounded in August, 1918 and spent nine months in a British hospital in Liverpool before returning to Canada. #4020002

Prue, Peter Sidney:
Born Erinsville, Ontario. Lived near Napanee. Occupation, labourer. Conscripted in January, 1918. Sent immediately overseas to England to train, and by May, 1918, was on the front lines. He was severely wounded during the second battle of Cambrai, [the fight for the Drocourt-Queant Line] on September 2nd, 1918 and spent six months in British hospitals before being sent home. #3055479

Prue, William:
Born at Erinsville. Occupation, teamster, Tweed. Enlisted August 1915 and later transferred to the Royal Air Force. #417760

Pulford, James:
Born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Before the war, lived at Centreville. He was a currier by trade, one who dresses and colours leather, and shortly before enlisting he moved his family to what was then Berlin, Ontario (Kitchener/Waterloo). Enlisted December, 1915. He was already 34 years of age, and below the preferred height for the fighting units, so he was sent to the Army Service Corps where he was in uniform for the duration of the war. #751262

Pybus, Edward James:
Born at Strathcona, Camden township. Occupation, farmer. In the early days of the war, he went out west and enlisted in New Westminister, B.C. in 1916. He signed up with the 121st (the "Western Irish") but was taken on strength with the 20th Battalion and actually served with them in France, Belgium and Germany, a total of two and a half years. Although he was in many skirmishes, the biggest and most memorable battle in which he fought was Vimy Ridge. Although he escaped being wounded, he was injured once through an accident. #760764

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