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Enlisted Personnel, World War One - I, J and K

Innes, Lewis J.:
Born Glasgow, Scotland. Lived for fifteen years at Selby. Occupation before enlisting, cheesemaker. Served in France and Belgium with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Was at Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Passchendaele, Cambrai. #835197

Instant, Ernest David:
Born Stella, Amherst Island. Worked on parents' farm. Enlisted Jan. 1917 with 253rd Battalion. #1090118

Instant, Hugh Reginald:
Born on Amherst Island. Farmed near Stella. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058464

Irish, Frank Elva:
Born at Hartington. Grew up near Yarker. Before enlisting, worked as a wheelwright. Had been married, but things did not work out and by the time he enlisted was divorced. Served with the 138th Battalion in France. In March of 1917 during the preparation for the assault on Vimy he was in the frontline trenches when a German shell exploded overhead, killing the occupants of the trench instantly. His name is on the Vimy Memorial. #811447

Jackson, Sperry:
Born at Harrowsmith. Lived at Colebrook. Went to Carberry, Manitoba to help with harvest and was working as a labourer there in 1916 when he enlisted at the age of 42. He trained in Brandon, Manitoba where he was struck off the list in 1917 due to medical problems. Following the war he disappeared. #865618

Jarvis, Arthur Eyquem De Montaigne:
Son of Canon Jarvis, Anglican rector at Napanee. Served in Europe with the 38th Regiment. Was in France, Egypt and Macedonia. At the Battle for Vimy Ridge he brought up reinforcements to Major McDowell, thus considerably influencing the outcome of the skirmish. Later in the war, he joined the Royal Flying Corps and flew numerous missions. By the end of the war, he had eleven enemy aircraft to his credit and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was presented with the medal by King George V.

Jarvis, George Stephen:
Born Napanee, son of Canon Jarvis, Anglican rector at Napanee. Enlisted in the Signal Corps. At the time of enlistment was a student. He was in France from April 1917 until the conclusion of the war. #505060

Jarvis, Henry Roe:
Son of Canon Jarvis, Anglican rector at Napanee. Was born at Carleton Place. Occupation at time of enlisting, civil engineer. Served as an officer with the Warwickshire Royal Horse Artillery in France and Macedonia. Was at the first Battle of the Somme where he was wounded. At the defense of Salonica, he was in charge of an anti-aircraft placement and perfected a system for more accurate sighting of the guns. At Malta, he contracted malaria which after a time forced his return home.

Jeffrey, Frederick:
A.k.a. Frederick Jaffray. Born Bath, England. Lived near Centerville and at Enterprise. Occupation at time of enlistment, labourer. He signed with the 146th Battalion in 1916 but was considered medically unfit for fighting, so went overseas with a Field Ambulance Corps. After only two months in France, he was gassed and badly shell-shocked. #835299

Jeffrey, Garnet W.:
A.k.a. Garnet W. Jaffray. Born at Hartington. Lived at Moscow, Ontario, where he worked on the farm. Had experience with the Canadian Permanent Army Serice Corps early in the war. Enlisted 1914 and worked as a clerk in Canada and England before being attached to a fighting unit. Served in France, Belgium and Germany with the 3rd Division, Canadian Army Service Corps. He was at Passchendaele, Lens, Arras,Amiens, Canal du Nord, Cologne Wood, Cambrai, [Duai] and Mons. #511738

Jemmett, Bruce:
Born at Gananoque. Lived Napanee. Occupation before the war, accountant. Enlisted with the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves. He served at sea, hunting submarines, dropping depth charges and protecting the fishing fleet. Although rejected for army service due to eyesight, he had productive career with the Navy Reserves, serving for over three years, half of it at sea.

Jemmett, Douglas Mill:
Born at Gananoque. Lived Napanee. Occupation before the war, electrical engineer. He enlisted in October, 1914 and served overseas as a sapper with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was at Neuve Chapelle, [Laventie], Festubert, Givenchy, Hill 60, Sanctuary Wood and Souchez. He rose from Corporal to Lieutenant and was wounded three times, once seriously. In April of 1915, he and his men were building a bridge over the Yser Canal under heavy enemy fire. Jemmett was wounded, but remained at the site until the bridge was completed and then made sure the men made it back to the billets. For this he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and was "gazetted", ie. mentioned in the London Gazette of June 20th, 1916. #5324

John, Albert Paul:
Born Denbigh. Occupation, farmer. Enlisted in May of 1916 and served in the 228th Battalion. #1006228

John, Lorne [Alfred]:
Born Denbigh. Enlisted in 1917 and was assigned to the 1st Depot Battalion. #3055219

Johnson, John Wesley:
Born Roblin, Ontario. Occupation before enlisting, labourer, Kingston. Enlisted November, 1915, 59th Battalion. #455715

Johnston, F. Earl:
Born on the 5th concession of Ernestown, near Odessa. Occupation, farmer. Enlisted with 59th Battalion as a Bandsman. Taken on strength with 21st Battalion with which he served in France and Belgium. He was at Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele. While at the front, he became very ill and was sent back to Scotland. Eventually, he was given an honourable discharge. #4454913

Johnston, I.:
Of Stella. Said to have served in the Forestry Corps. Nothing further known.

Johnston, Le Roy:
A.k.a. Roy Johnston. The 1901 census gives his birthdate as December 18, 1896. His attestation papers make him a year younger, December 18, 1997. Lived, Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, clerk. He signed up in 1915 and spent the first five months drilling at the Napanee Armouries. He was later taken on strength with the 50th Battalion and was wounded by a shell fragment. #219530

Johnston, Robert:
Older brother of Roy Johnston. Grew up in Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, clerk. Robert Johnston was among the first to enlist, signing on in September, 1914. He joined the Signal Corps and went overseas with the First Contingent. The 1901 census gives his birthdate as January 3, 1894 but his attestation papers say January 3, 1895. #5692

Johnston, W. P.:
Is said to have lived in Napanee and served as a Signaller. Nothing more known.

Jones, Alfred:
Born, London, England. Lived near Woolwich. Came to Canada as a farm labourer, working near Napanee. Enlisted in the Artillery (3rd Division) in 1915. Served in France, where he was wounded and gassed. Also suffered from shell shock. #348200.

Jones, Parker:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, student. Served in France, Belgium and Germany with the 90th Battalion (Winnipeg Rifles).Was at Passchendaele, Amiens, Cambrai and other battles right up until the Armistice. Was injured in both legs and one arm by shrapnel at Passchendaele. #835323

Jones, Percy:
Of Bath. Served in Canadian Army Medical Corps. Nothing further known.

Jones, W.:
Is said to have lived in Napanee and served in the 146th Battalion. Nothing further known.

Joslin, Frederick Harold:
Born Bath. Enlisted January 1916 with his friend, Reginald Gurney. Joslin had previous experience with the 4th Hussars. Joined 146th Battalion. Occupation prior to enlisting, farmer. #835480

Joyce, Dwight:
Born in Napanee. At the time he enlisted, was a dealer in marine insurance. Served with the 53rd [Battalion] in France and Belgium. He took part in Lens, Arras, St. Pierre, Amiens, Hill 70, [Mouchy], Bourlon [Belleau?] Wood, Canal du Nord, Cambrai, Valenciennes and Mons. Awarded the D.C.M. [Distinguished Conduct Medal]. #310673

Joyce, Zina J.:
Born Valhalla, North Dakota. Grew up in Napanee. Occupation, electrician. Enlisted in Canadian Engineers and went overseas in 1916. Served in France, Belgium and Germany, seeing action at Amiens, Mouchy Heights, Douai, Canal du Nord, Belleron [Belleau?] Wood, Cambrai, Valenciennes, Mons. #541506

Juby, William Caleb:
Born in Kaladar. In 1914, he was farming near Flinton. Enlisted December, 1915 with 146th Battalion. #835188

Kay, John Milton:
Born in Ireland. Lived at Camden East. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Volunteered 1914. Served with 21st Battalion in France and Belgium. Was at Ypres, St. Eloi, the Somme, Hill 70, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, [Aisne], Cambrai and other skirmishes. Was wounded three times. Awarded the Military Medal and 1914 Star. The Military Medal was presented to him by the Prince of Wales during his visit to Kingston. #59531

Kaylor, C. H.:
Born in Napanee. Before enlisting, was a student at a business college in Toronto. Enlisted in Royal Flying Corps and was sent to train in Texas, then back to Camp Borden and Leaside. Overseas to Zeebrugge in 1918. Flew seaplanes on North Sea patrol until Armistice, after which he transported machines to Britain.

Kearns, John Hubert:
Of Sheffield. Drafted, 1918, to 1st Depot Battalion. Was not sent overseas. #3058419

Keech, Harvey:
Born Moscow, Ontario. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058439

Keech, Samson:
A.k.a. Samson Hawley. A farmer, born in Barrie twp., Frontenac county Oct. 18, 1896, son of Peter Perry Hawley and his wife, Sarah Elizabeth Finch. Brother of John M. Hawley, who was later adopted by the Wellington Brown family. Samson was adopted by his grandmother and her second husband, Hiram Keech. Enlisted September 21, 1915, 59th Battalion. Served overseas in France and Belgium. His brother, John, who was killed at the Front. Samson, however, returned safely. #455620

Keeley, William:
Born in Birmingham, England. Came to Canada as a lad and lived with William and Annie Joyce on their farm in Richmond township. (On the 1911 census, Joyce spelled his name as "Kelley" and gave his birthdate as May, 1897.) In the early years of the War, Keeley was living in Deseronto and working as a teamster. William Joyce accompanied him when he went to enlist in January, 1916, and witnessed his attestation papers. They gave his birthdate as April 15, 1898. It is possible that at this time, Keeley was the main support for his aged guardian and so delayed enlisting. He joined the 155th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, which for whom the was going overseas. Little is known of his service, but William Keeley was one of those for war was a deeply disturbing experience. After discharge, he married and commenced farming on the Hamburg road, but found it difficult to settle down. Nothing seemed to go right for him. In July, 1939, he was part of a noisy disturbance at the Paisley Hotel in Napanee. He was taken across to the Town Hall, and placed in one of the cells for the night. In the morning, it was found that he had committed suicide. #636182

Kellar, Irvin:
Of Napanee, son of Harvey and Emily Kellar. Tinsmith. Served in the 1st Eastern Ontario Battalion and went overseas. May have married in England. See attestation paper. #412749

Kellar, John Brisco:
Of Enterprise, a farmer. Enlisted with 146th Battalion in 1916 as a bugler. Was sent to France, where he was assigned to machine gun duty with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. On the 23rd of April, 1917, he was wounded by enemy fire and while awaiting aid, was bayonetted and killed. He left four small children, the youngest only three. His name is on the Vimy Memorial. #835794

Kellar, Leland Stanley:
Born near Enterprise. Occupation, labourer. Drafted in 1918. Due to hearing impairment was not sent overseas and served in 1st Depot Battalion at Fort Henry. #3055565

Kennedy, Thomas Leo:
Born Newburgh. Occupation before war, mechanic. During the early part of the war, he went out to Alberta to work. Enlisted in Calgary in 1918 and served with 10th Battalion in France. Killed in action October 14, 1918, only a month before the armistice. Buried in Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, France.

Kidd, William E., Rev.:
Born Burritt's Rapids. Graduate of Trinity College, Toronto. Anglican Rector of Napanee, 1911. Enlisted in 1915 and served with the 21st Battalion in France and Belgium. Was at St. Eloi, Sanctuary Wood, the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele. Was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery at Courcelette. The medal was presented by King George V at Buckingham Palace.

Killorin, Patrick James:
Born Forest Mills. Farmed at Roblin. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058432

Kimmett, Albert Percy:
Born near Marlbank in Richmond township. Occupation before enlistment, farmer. Drafted at Barriefield in May, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3059234

Kimmett, Gordon:
Born near Marlbank in Hungerford township. Lived with grandfather in Richmond township. Enlisted January 1916 with the 148th Battalion. Served overseas with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Saw action, and suffered head wound. Died in 12th Canadian General Hospital, England, February 21, 1919 from influenza contracted on way home. Buried St. Mary Churchyard, Bramshott.

King, Stanley Delbert:
Born in Sheffield township. Enlisted in 1916. Served overseas in France and Belgium with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and saw action at Vimy Ridge, Amiens, Arras, Cambrai, Passchendaele and on Armistice Day was at Mons. Six months before the end of the war, he was promoted to sergent and commanded a machine gun section. #835640

King, Thomas Joseph:
Born at Clayton, Ontario. Farmed near Odessa. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. He went overseas to England with the Battalion in June of 1918. While enlisted, he suffered a nervous breakdown and was sent home and placed in the Rockwood Hospital at Kingston. #3058460

Kirk, Hugh Henry:
Born in city of Sheffield, England. Trade, carpenter. Enlisted at age 56 in Sault Ste. Marie. [Lied on attestation paper, which says he was 43.] Served overseas with the 256th Battalion, beginning at the St. Quenton front (a place called "Bosell" [sic]) and then a station between Dunkirk and Newport. On Sept. 3, 1917, he was shell-shocked and was removed to the 35th Field Hospital at Dunkirk. After 3 weeks, returned to unit which was now at the Ypres front. After only 5 days, he was injured again, and this "blighty" was sufficient for him to be sent back to Canada and discharged in Toronto on Feb. 6th, 1918. #1003356

Knight, Arthur:
Of Bath. Enlisted in 146th Battalion. Nothing more known.

Knight, Claude H.:
Born in Newburgh, Ontario. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, Canadian Express Clerk, Toronto. Joined the Royal Air Force as a mechanic in 1918. #RAF270111

Knight, John Lee.
Born London, England, 28 Feb., 1896. Lived and worked on a farm near Roslin, Ontario and later near Napanee. Drafted, Belleville, June 1st, 1918, to 1st Depot Battalion. Died 1967 and is buried Napanee Riverview Cemetery. #3060306

Knowlton, A.:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, bell boy. Volunteered in the spring of 1917, when only 17 years old. Sent to 3rd Special Service Battalion. #2158576

Kring, Leonard:
Born Plevna. Lived at Tamworth. Occupation before enlisting, farm labourer. Volunteered in 1917 and served overseas with 2nd Infantry Battalion in France, Belgium and Germany. Was at Amiens, the Hindenburg Line, Canal due Nord, Cambrai and the 3rd Battle of the Somme. He was wounded by scrapnel once and also gassed. #1093430

Kulpack, Earl Leslie:
Born at Petworth. Lived Newburgh. Occupation before enlisting, baker [first class]. Enlisted with 146th Battalion in 1916. Taken on strength with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles with whom he saw action. Wounded and invalided home. #835806

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