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Enlisted Personnel, World War One - G and H

Gaffney, P.:
[Of Erinsville?] 1st Depot Battalion, 1918. #3058427

Galbraith, Arthur Raymond:
Born at Croydon. Occupation before the War, farmer. Served overseas with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and was at Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele. Was wounded, and had left leg amputated. #835502

Galbraith, Earl Bruce:
Born at Colebrook, Ontario. At time of enlistment was a student at Queen's University. Served overseas with Eastern Ontario Regiment, in a column responsible for bringing up ammunition to the front. Shot during the Battle of Ypres, and died of his wounds, November, 1917. Buried Nine Elms British Cemetery, Belgium. #2043032

Galbraith, Horace [Wilfred]:
Lived Camden East. [Possibly, #525308]

Gallagher, Sanford Edward:
Born in Adolphustown in 1874. Lived most of his life at Dorland, where his wife was the postmaster. Occupation before the War, farmer. Had prior military experience with cavalry (4th Hussars?). #835532

Gamble, William Herbert:
Born Deseronto. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, automobile mechanic. #220408

Gardener, Joseph Leonard:
Born Westbrook. Before the War, living at Yarker. Bookkeeper. Signed on November, 1917 and served in a Depot Battalion. #343212

Garrison, Frederick J.:
Born in Kingston. Lived at Colebrook. Occupation before enlisting, water tester and well-driller. Served with 1st Division Supply Company and 1st Division Motor Transport Company in France, Belgium and Germany for over two years. #512597

Garrison, John J.:
Born in Lennox and Addington county. Before enlisting, was farming near Moscow, Ontario. Enlisted in 1916. #83564

Garrison, Reuben:
"Formerly of Parma [Ontario]." Name also spelled 'Ruben'. #1048933

Gaylord, William John:
Born Kennebec. Enlisted in 146th Battalion, Dec. 1915. #835192

Gibbs, Harold B. (a.k.a. Frederick Bertram Gibbs):
Born Kingston. Before enlisting, living at Bath. Occupation, brakeman. #107689

Gibson, Arthur:
Born Napanee, son of lawyer, Stephen Gibson. Occupation before enlistment, miner. Enlisted 20 December, 1916. Was one of many to lie about his age, in hopes of not being sent overseas. Served in Depot Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles. Had a troubled military career. #226409

Gibson, Ernest R.:
Born Napanee, son of lawyer, Stephen Gibson. Left Napanee to attend university and then went to Manitoba. Occupation before enlisting, civil engineer. Enlisted Winnipeg, June 14, 1916, 10th Field Artillery. Served with R.C.A. at front. Rank, Sergeant. Returned suffering from shell-shock. Died Vancouver, 1971. #301569

Gibson, Herbert Clute:
Born Napanee, son of lawyer, Stephen Gibson. Left Napanee to try hand at ranching but returned to Bay of Quinte and was living in Belleville when he enlisted in March 9,1916. Occupation before enlistment, sales manager. Rank: Quarter Master Sargeant. #320925

Giddy [a.k.a. Giddye], William C.:
Born in Odessa. Occupation, spinner. Had military training before the war with the 4th Hussars and with the 47th Regiment. Served with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in France, where he took part in the Battle for Vimy Ridge and survived. During the struggle for Passchendaele, he was caught in shell fire and killed. His name appears on the Ypres Memorial (Menin Gate) #835721

Gilbert, Morley L.:
Born in South Fredericksburgh township. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, fisherman. Had military training with 4th Hussars before the War. Enlisted in 146th Overseas Battalion. #835380

Gilmour, J. Alexander:
Born Vennachar. Shortly before the War, went to Lomond Alberta to farm. Served in the 1st Depot Battalion and the 21st Canadian Reserve Battalion in England. #3211077

Gilmour, William Carman:
Born Vennachar (Abinger township). Before enlisting, was a cheesemaker employed in Belleville. Enlisted in infantry and was employed with 230th Regiment in France repairing bridges. While at the front, he was badly shell-shocked and also injured by shrapnel, which forced his return to England. #1027651

Girvin, George:
Born in Napanee, but lived most of his life in Flinton. Before enlisting, he ran the family farm and cared for his grandmother. He served in France and Belgium for over two years and was at Vimy Ridge and other battles. On August 28, 1918, during an advance south of Boiry, a shell exploded close by and killed him instantly. He is buried in the Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery, Haucourt, Pas de Calais, in France. #835941

Glass, Cyril:
Was born near Marlborough in Wiltshire, England. Before the War, he lived at Emerald, Amherst Island, where he was Assistant Cheesemaker. He had previous military training with the 4th Wiltshire (Volunteer) Regiment. He served in France and Belgium with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, and survived Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Amiens and Cambrai. At Amiens, he gathered a party of machine gunners and urged them forward to take out a German field gun which was causing many casualties. For this, he was awarded the Military Medal. At Cambrai, he was wounded. #835029

Glass, Frederick Claud Morris:
Born West Lavington, Wiltshire, England. [Brother of Cyril Glass?] Before the War was a cheesemaker. Served with the 20th Battalion in France for two months. At Hill 70 on August 18, 1917 a German shell made a direct hit on the fox hole in which he was lying and he was killed instantly. His name is on the Vimy Memorial. #835610

Glenn, Alexander Harold:
[Of Bath?] 1st Depot Battalion, 1918. #3058450

Gonyou, Frederick Sherman:
Born Kingston. Lived near Flinton (Kakabeka Falls?). Farmer. #2384075

Grady, John Francis:
Born Brampton. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, chauffeur. Enlisted in Army Service Corps. #2590951

Grange, Edward Wilkinson:
Born Napanee. Occupation at time of enlistment, journalist. Served on Canadian Headquarters Staff, in charge of daily news service by cable to overseas troops. Also prepared and sent confidential reports to staff officers.

Grange, Fred W.:
Born Camden township, Sept. 4, 1883, son of Robert and Nancy Grange. Later lived in Selby. Occupation, fireman. Enlisted September 19, 1914 - one of the earliest to enlist. Died January 21, 1948. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee. #40743

Grange, George:
Born Napanee. Occupation at time of enlistment, tea merchant. Served in Mechanical Transport Division in France, then transferred to Royal Air Force.

Green, Jonas:
Born Deseronto, but lived at Croydon for 8 years before the War. Occupation, labourer. Served in Canada with 155th Battalion. #636576

Gregg, Charles Adam:
Born Vennachar, Ontario. Occupation before the War, farmer. He served with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in France for two months. Killed at the Vimy offensive, 17 April, 1917. Part of poem sent to his mother from France: "Mother, when this war is over, If it is God's will for me, Back among the fields of clover, I shall wander there with thee." #835573

Gregg, D.:
Of Vennachar. This probably refers to Dan Gregg. #1027652

Griffin, William John:
Born Picton, Prince Edward County. Later farmed near Napanee. #2714588

Griffith, Wm. J.: See Griffin.

Gurney, George:
Born Welland, Worcestershire, England. Immigrated to Canada and was living in Conway when war declared. Worked as farm labourer. Served in 6th Battalion, Canadian Engineers, in France, Belgium and Germany. Was at Ypres, St. Eloi, the Somme, Lens, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Arras and Cambria, a total of 3 years and 2 months of warfare. #547

Gurney, Reginald:
Born Bedford, England. Lived in Bath where he worked on local farms. Went to Kingston to enlist with his friend, Frederick Joslin of Bath in January, 1916. Fate unknown. #835481

Haggerty, James Allen:
Born Camden township. Farmed near Enterprise. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058412

Haggerty, Stanley:
Born Camden township. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Enlisted as a gunner, but served as a driver in 75th Battery. In 1918, he was assigned to the Siberian Artillery Brigade and sent to New Westminster, B.C. #3058723

Haggerty, W. J.:
Born Tamworth, Ontario. Before the War, moved to Seattle and at the time that he enlisted, was a baker with a steamship line. He served in Belgium and France with the 102nd Battalion and was at Vimy Ridge, Ypres, Amiens and other battles from July, 1916 until the Armistice. He was wounded twice. One wound caused the loss of vision in his right eye and hearing from his right ear. He was awarded the Military Medal for his bravery during the battle of Cambrai, where he installed a telephone line in the forward trench. When the enemy shells cut the line, he crawled forward and held the ends together under enemy fire until a message was sent to HQ. #102049

Haines, J. A.:
Born at Centreville. Also lived North Fredericksburgh. Before the War, he was farming near Napanee. He served overseas (France) with the 74th and 78th Batteries. Killed in action, January 5th, 1917. #220409

Hall, Edgerton William:
Born Napanee. Studied electrical and mechanical engineering. Enlisted with Canadian forces at training camp in Kent, England, in 1917. #3701

Hall, George Ernest:
Born in Napanee. He enlisted before the War and received military training with the Canadian Garrison Artillery. At the outbreak of the War, he was serving in Montreal. He went to France and saw action at La Bassu, Aubers Ridge, Givenchy, Fistembert and Lens. He was awarded the 1914-15 Star with Mons Ribbon. Sent back to Canada at the end of 1915 to recover from illness. On recovery, given command of Military Hospitals Commission, which was later absorbed by Department of Militia and Defence. Continued to serve as an officer in Canada for duration of the War. #G 43002

Hall, W. E. - see Hall, Edgerton William.

Ham, Douglas Miller:
Born in Napanee. In the autumn of 1914, he was a Cadet at the Royal Military College in Kingston. He served with the 75th Carnatic Infantry (Indian Army) in India and Arabia and was wounded once. After the Armistice, he remained in India with the permanent force.

Ham, Kenneth:
Born in Napanee. Before enlisting, he was a student at Trinity College, University of Toronto. He served in France and Belgium as a gunner with the Artillery, and was at Hill 70, Passchendaele, Arras and Amiens. Promoted in field. #337928

Hambly, Vivian:
Born Napanee. Trained as a nurse at Hahneman Hospital, New York City and had been nursing for about 3 years before taking up military work. She served overseas in France from March, 1916 until May, 1919.

Hamilton, David V.:
Born in Drayton, North Dakota, but grew up in Camden East and attended Newburgh High School. At the time he enlisted, he was working as an electrician in Ottawa. He served as a bugler with 38th Canadian Infantry, left Canada in 1915 and went with them to Bermuda, England and France. In 1918, he was wounded in the knee. #410229

Hamilton, J.:
Said to have lived in Enterprise and to have served in R.C.H.A. Nothing further known.

Hamilton, Samuel:
Born Scotland, December, 1894. In 1911, was working for Henry Card in Camden township as a domestic labourer. Said to have enlisted. Fate unknown.

Hamilton, William Stewart:
Born in Camden township. Before the War was farming at Yarker. Served in Canada with the 6th Canadian Reserve, and went to England with them, but the War concluded before he was sent to the front. #3058205

Hannah, C. F. W.:
Born in Camden township. Occupation, farmer. Enlisted with Royal Air Force and was training at Camp Mohawk when the War finished. [3458206/172640]

Hannah, Robert Johnston:
Born Camden township in 1873 or 74. Enlisted and served as a recruiting officer.

Hannah, Ross:
Born Camden East, 1893, son of Edward Hannah. Is believed to have enlisted, but records not found.

Harmer, George L.:
Born near Battle, Sussex, England. Lived Napanee. Labourer. Had previous military experience with the Garrison Artillery, Winfield, England. Enlisted at Napanee Feb. 5, 1915. Fate thereafter unknown. #412882

Harrison, James Vincent:
Born at Tamworth. Educated at St. Michaels College, University of Toronto. Shortly before the War, he went out to Aldersgate, Alberta to try his hand at ranching. He already held a commission from the 47th Frontenac Regiment, which he had joined in 1907. Went overseas with 50th Battalion, Canadian Infantry and was in France for about seven months, serving with the Alberta Regiment. Rank, Lieutenant. Killed in action, April 16th, 1918, when an enemy shell exploded in his trench. He was 29 years old. His colonel wrote to the family that he was "an excellent officer, expected to do wonderfully well". Buried Rochincourt Military Cemetery.

Harrison, James Francis:
Born at Tamworth. During the first part of the war, he was in an essential occupation in Copper Cliff, Ontario where he was a smelter/tapper for a mine. Drafted May 1918 to the Central Ontario Battalion, "C" Company. #3037806

Harten, Almer:
Born at Roblin, where he farmed. Enlisted at Napanee with the 254th Battalion. Did not go overseas. Although he is on the 1911 census as "Elmer" he signed his name as "Almer". #1093110

Harten, Daniel A.:
Born Richmond township. Lived Flinton. Occupation, "kiln burner for cement works". Had two years of military training with 47th Regiment (Napanee). Enlisted with Gerald Dafoe in 146th Battalion in 1916. Transferred to 227th Battalion. #835354

Harten, Elgin:
In 1920, it was remembered that a person of this name from Enterprise enlisted, but we have been unable to locate any reference to him.

Hartin, Charles:
Born Richmond township. Farmed near Marlbank. Enlisted in 155th Battalion. #636730

Hartin, Hile:
Born Kennebec. A farmer. Family lived near Selby in Richmond township. (Sister was Mrs. Archie Boomhour.) Enlisted in 22nd Battalion. # 1003262 [Possibly 'Jehiel' Hartin.]

Hartman, Charles Edmund:
Born Odessa, but moved to Peterborough just before the War. Occupation, labourer. Served overseas with the 93rd Battalion in France and Belgium. Wounded in back and thigh, and last seen walking back towards the dressing station at Passchendaele on October 27, 1917. Presumed dead. #195365

Hartman, Delbert George:
Enlisted with the 146th Battalion and went to Valcartier for training where he was found medically unfit and sent home.

Hartman, Wilfred Ira:
Born Odessa. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Served in France with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and saw action at Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras and Cambrai. Was wounded at Hill 70 and again at Arras. #835903

Harvey, J. E.:
One J.E. Harvey of Odessa is said to have enlisted in the 59th Battalion. Nothing further known.

Haselton - See Hoselton.

Haskell, R.:
In 1920, Rev. Wilson wrote: "R. Haskell of Newburgh joined the 1st Depot Battalion". We were unable to find any record of this man, until we noticed that a Roy Haskell of Newbury [sic] joined the 1st Depot Battalion. Serial no. 3130227 However, he enlisted in St. Catharines, so Mr. Haskell remains a mystery.

Hasler, A.:
Born in Flinton. In about 1910, he went out to Rochester, Alberta to farm. He enlisted with the 194th but served overseas with the 49th Edmonton Regiment. Was in France and Belgium for 22 months. Saw action at Vimy, Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras, Cambrai and Mons and was on several raids. Was wounded twice. #904567

Hawes, Walter James:
Born Colchester, England. Worked at Napanee and Deseronto as a pipe fitter. Enlisted July, 1915. #144679

Hawley, Allan Joseph [or Josiah]:
Born in Cloyne. Later moved to Bath. Occupation before enlisting, commercial traveller. Served overseas with 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Was in France and Belgium at Messines, Ypres, St. Eloi, Hill 60, Courcellette, the Somme. Was wounded at Ypres and gassed at the Somme, but survived. Returned to Canada in November, 1917 but never fully recovered from being gassed and died at Ottawa of influenze in October, 1918. #110230

Hawley, Archie:
Of Cloyne. Farmer. Son of Bowen Hawley. Enlisted in 146th Battalion. #835368

Hawley, Harry Irvine:
Born Cloyne. Lived Camden East and Newburgh. Farmer. Enlisted 155th Battalion. #636327

Hawley, Herbert Simons:
(A.k.a. "Herbie Hawley") Born in Cloyne, son of Ebenezer Hawley. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Served in France and Belgium with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Was at Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele and survived. #835348

Hawley, John M. - see Brown, John M.

Hawley, Manley - see Victor Manley.

Hawley, Samson - see Keech, Samson

Hawley, Thomas Norman:
Was born in Frontenac county, but by 1914 was living near Newburgh. and working as a labourer. Enlisted 1916 in 155th Battalion at age of 49. #636660

Hawley, Victor Manley:
Born in Camden township. Farming near Newburgh before the War. Enlisted 1916 in 155th Battalion. #636866

Hawley, Wesley Wilson:
Born Cloyne. Family moved to Bath when he was nine years old. At the outbreak of the war, he was a college student. Enlisted in Kingston. Served overseas with the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles in France and Belgium. Saw action at Ypres, St. Eloi, the Somme, Courcellette, Mouquet Farm [Pozieres Ridge], Hill 60 and several important skirmishes. He was wounded in June of 1916 at Ypres (was buried by an explosion for over three hours) and was sent back to England to recover. He returned to the front and was wounded again in November of the same year at the Somme. Wesley Hawley always claimed to have been, "the first resident of Bath to enlist, and the youngest". He was only seventeen. He was awarded the 1914 and 1915 Star. #110231

Hay, George:
Born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Lived near Napanee. Occupation, farmer. Served with the Canadian Army Service Corps, arriving in France in 1917.

Hay, John:
Of Camden East is said to have joined the 21st Battalion. Nothing further known.

Haycock, Frederick:
Born in Centreville and lived there for fourteen years. Went out west, and before enlisting was working as a butcher in Winnipeg. He went overseas with the 28th Battalion, arriving in France at the end of May, 1916. He was killed in action on September 16th, 1916. #441848

Hayes, David:
Born in Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, labourer. Signed up with the 8oth Battalion in 1916. #220420

Hayman, John Robert:
Born in Bridgewater, Somerset, England. Worked in Odessa as a blacksmith. Enlisted in 1915 and served with 33rd Battalion. Said that he had military training in England. Re-enlisted after Armistice (1919) at Kingston. #300294

Hearns, David Russell:
Born in Napanee. Occupation before the War, sailor. Went overseas with 80th Battalion and was ultimately taken on strength with the 27th with which he saw action at the Somme, Lens and Vimy Ridge. Killed in action, Lens - Arras Front, May 3, 1917. #220205

Hearns, Isaac Benjamin:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, locomotive fireman, Napanee. Enlisted 1915 with 80th Battalion. 3220343

Hearns, William Sylvester:
Born Kingston. Lived Napanee where he worked as a cabinetmaker. Enlisted 1916 with the 146th Battalion. #835593

Helen, R.:
Lived Northbrook. Said to have served in the "3rd Special Services". Nothing further known.

Henderson, Stanley:
Born in Ernestown township, but later lived near Napanee. Studied at Faculty of Education, Queen's University. Occupation before enlisting, teacher. Enlisted in 1918 and went overseas. Taken on strength with 55th Battalion, and saw action from Canal du Nord, Cambrai, Valenciennes and was near Mons when the Armistice was signed. At the Battalion's winter quarters in Germany in 1919 he contracted influenza and was sent to England and home separately to the regiment.

Henderson, William Arthur:
Born in Hastings county, but grew up near Lime Lake. Shortly before the War, he went west to help with the harvest. Enlisted and was sent overseas in 1916. Served with the Canadian Scottish Battalion at the Somme and Vimy Ridge, where he was killed on the 9th of April, 1917, hit in the head by a bullet from a machine gun. His commanding officer wrote that he was "a good soldier and a general favourite with all who knew him".

Henzy, Roswell Wiliam:
Born Odessa. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058446

Hermings, William John:
Born Birmingham, England. When war was declared, he was working in Napanee as a cook. He enlisted in 1915 in the 59th Battalion. Fate unknown. #454992

Herring, Reginald:
Born Napanee. Before enlisting, he was a student at McGill University, in Montreal. He served in England with the 1st Canadian Tank Battalion for thirteen months. #2765161

Herrington, Harry:
Born in Napanee. At the time he enlisted, he was working as a machinist in Winnipeg. Served with the 78th Winnipeg Grenediers in France and Belgium, and saw action at Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele. Was sprayed by gun fire and received multiple bullet wounds to left arm, both legs and his chest. #875094

Herrington, Kelvin G.:
Born at Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, barber (Oshawa). Went overseas with the First Contingent. Taken on strength with the 2nd Battalion, Machine Gun Corps. Wounded and taken prisoner at [Langemark] and died of his wounds five months later. Buried at Cologne Southern Cemetery. #8339

Herrington, Lenora:
Born in Belleville; lived Napanee. Trained as a nurse at the Winnipeg General Hospital. Served overseas with Canadian General Hospital No. 1 and was in France from May 1915 until April 1919. Was one of a few women to win the Military Medal, awarded for her courage during a night raid on the hospital. She remained on duty throughout the raid, at great risk to herself. Her superiors said that her example was largely responsible for the maintenance of discipline and hospital functions under fire. She was presented with her medal by King George Vth.

Herrington, Margaret Eleanor:
A.k.a. "Helen Herrington". Daughter of W.S. Herrington of Napanee. One of few women in Canada to hold a graduate degree before the outbreak of the war. She volunteered at the Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto during the influenza epidemic in 1918. In 1919, she served as an Official Visitor to the Dependants of Deceased Soldiers in England for three months.

Herrington, Walter Harold:
Born Napanee. At the outbreak of the war, was attending Queen's University in Kingston. Served in France with the 3rd Field Ambulance and was at Vimy Ridge. Was both wounded and gassed at Hill 70. After convalescence, was assigned to a hospital ship, and crossed the Atlantic fourteen times. #535443

Hetherington, Robinson:
Born in Lennox and Addington. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, mining engineer. Signed on with 6th Overseas University Corps in Montreal in 1916. #487527

Hicks, Charles Howard:
Of Glenfield enlisted in 1917. Served in France with the 20th Battalion. According to his parents, he was with the 3rd Canadian Division at the preparation for the entry into Mons in November, 1918, and here he went missing in action only hours before the Armistice. However, his military record says that he died November 11, 1917. His body was never found. His name is on the Ypres Memorial, Menin Gate. #835572

Hicks, Raymond:
Was born in North Fredericksburgh and lived there most of his life. Occupation, farmer. He enlisted with the 80th Battalion and travelled with them to Halifax, where they boarded a ship for England. That evening, Private Hicks became ill, and was taken off the ship to the Military Hospital in Halifax, where he died four days later. #220410

Hicks, W. H.:
Said to have lived Tamworth and served in 155th Battalion. No record could be found.

Hill, John Travers:
Born in Ireland. Lived South Fredericksburgh. Occupation before enlisting, physician. Enlisted 1914 in Canadian Army Medical Corps. Arrived in France in the spring of 1915 and was there for more than a year. He served four more years in hospitals in other locations, and was demobilized in October, 1919 with the rank of Lieut.-Colonel. While in England, he served as one of the Returning Officers for the Canadian Federal Election [1917].

Hillier, Gilbert Raymond:
A.k.a. Bert Hillier, was born in Lennox and Addington county and before the war was living and working in Odessa as a labourer. He enlisted just after Christmas, 1915 in Kingston, joining the 146th Battalion. #935200

Hinch, Reginald Duncan:
Was born in Napanee. At the opening of the War, he was a student at University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. He enlisted in Winnipeg in 1916 with the 196th Battalion. He served at the front and was wounded twice. He won the Military Cross at Valenciennes a few weeks before the Armistice. [910091?]

Hinch, William Ogden:
Born Camden East. Occupation, farming. Served in the 1st Depot Battalion. #3058644

Hinchey, Annie R.:
Born Camden township, 1884. Nursing sister. Served overseas.

Hinds, Arthur R.:
A.k.a. Arthur R. Hines Born at Conway, South Fredericksburgh. Occupation, farmer, Adolphustown. Enlisted with the Canadian Mounted Rifles but taken on strength with the 116th Battalion, with whom he saw action in France and Belgium. Was at Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras and Cambrai and was wounded twice by gun fire, once in the leg and once in the face. #226449

Hinds, Clement:
A.k.a. HinesOf Conway, South Fredericksburgh and Adolphustown. Volunteered but could not pass the physical.

Histed, Percy Everton:
Born in Camden East. Enlisted very early in the war, in September, 1914. At the time of enlistment, was a telegraph operator in Winnipeg. He served as a Sapper with the 3rd Canadian Engineers in France, Belgium and Germany. He was at Ypres, Loos, the Somme, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele, after which he was transferred from the Engineers to Operations H.Q. with a promotion. #45124

Hobbs, Charles:
Born England. Lived at Hawley. Occupation before enlistment, hired man. Enlisted at the beginning of 1915. Served in France with 2nd Battalion and was killed in action 13 June, 1916. Name appears on Ypres Memorial, Menin Gate. #412886 [A-12886]

Hodge, Herbert Omar:
Born in Lennox and Addington county. Lived for a while at Wilton. Before enlisting, he worked as a machinist in Kingston. Signed up in 1917 and sent to a Forestry reinforcement battalion. #2158524

Hoffman, William Kerr:
Born Moscow, Ontario. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058398

Holland, C. T. - name appears on Wilson's list. Nothing further found.

Holland, Francis Walter:
Born Ipswich, England. Lived on Amherst Island for ten years. Occupation before enlisting, mariner. Enlisted in Kingston, Jamaica with the British West Indies Regiment. He saw action at the Somme, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele. As a navigating officer with the Royal Navy, he was also at [Ferry Post], Suez and on North Sea Patrol. He was awarded the Military Medal for organizing his men and rescuing wounded while under fire, in doing so he was wounded in the left hand. The medal was presented by Rear Admiral Green, R.N. at Glasgow. #3970

Holland, Howard Wilson:
Born at Sydenham. Lived Yarker. Before enlistment was working as a baker in Kingston. Served overseas with the 45th Battalion and was at Ypres, the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Passchendaele, Arras, Cambrai and Amiens, where he was wounded. #348489

Holt, Eric:
Born Middleton, County Cork, Ireland. Lived at Bath, Ontario. At time of enlisting he was a student [accountancy] in Toronto. He was attached to the 53rd Battery in France as a Signaller and was gassed at Arras in June of 1918. Was also at Amiens and Mons, and was with the army of occupation in Germany. #342127

Hoselton, Albert:
Born Bath, Ontario. Occupation before enlisting, cook. Signed up in Belleville in February of 1915 and served with the 39th Battalion. #412245

Howard, Arthur Edward:
Born [Birmingham], England. Lived at Dorland, where he farmed. Drafted. Served in the 1st Depot Battalion of the Eastern Ontario Regiment during 1918. #3058448

Howie, Orval Wilkie Brown:
Born in Westbrook. Lived Odessa and Bath. Enlisted November 1917 in Royal Flying Corps and trained at Camp Mohawk where he had one crash, but received only minor injuries.

Howie, Roy F.:
Born at Tamworth. Lived twelve years at Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, tinsmith and plumber. Enlisted 1915 with 80th Battalion. Taken on strength with Seaforth Highlanders. Served with them in France and Belgium. Saw action at the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Lens, Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras, Denain, Cambrai, Valenciennes. Was wounded once, in the back, by shrapnel. #219434

Huffman, E. W. - name appears on Wilson's list. Nothing further found.

Huffman, Hurrell Wilford:
Known as "H.W." Born Moscow, Ontario. Educated as an accountant. Occupation before enlisting, bank clerk. Enlisted May 1918 with the 75th Depot Battery. Served only in Canada. #3058209

Huffman, Laverne Cecil:
Born Moscow July 11, 1896. Son of Wilford Huffman. Occupation before enlisting, farmer near Portland, Ontario. Signed up in February, 1916. Served in the 146th Battlion. Was in France and Belgium and participated in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele. After Vimy, he wrote: "I am in the trenches writing using my mess tin for a desk, but hope you will be able to make this scribbling out. Well, I am going to tell you a little about my house here. There is a slight hole dug into the ground with some pieces of boards, poles and scantling over it, and then some dirt put of the top of them, so that Fritz cannot discover it very well, and one side of it covered up with a few boards, a sand bag and an old overcoat hanging over it to break the wind. (The other side of the place is wide open.) Of course, this 'house' is not waterproof by any means, but good luck, we have only had part of one day wet since we came into the trenches this time." He continued, "I spent my birthday in the trenches and it was certainly a lovely day, just delightful. I thought of you all at home more than once and wondered if Dad were fishing.. I suppose you had a lovely time at camp meeting. I heard about it all. Isn't it funny how news travels?" Huffman was later promoted to the rank of Corporal. After Passchendaele he was hospitalized for five months with fever and infections acquired by months of camping out in the trenches. #835551

Huffman, R. A.: Name appears on Wilson's list. No records yet found.

Huffman, Ralph W.:
Born Moscow. Occupation, bank clerk. Served in France with the 134th Highland Regiment and the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Was at Amiens (Aug. 9, 1918), Arras (Aug. 26, 1918), Mouchy (28 August, 1918) and finally Cambrai. Promoted to Corporal. At Hill 70, he was wounded by shrapnel. #1027313

Huffman, William Roy:
Born Portland, Ontario, son of Theodore Huffman. A farmer. Said to be cousin of Laverne Huffman, with whom he served in France. Huffman appears to have enlisted twice, once in Alberta and once in Kingston. There are two serial numbers, but the active one is 1090082.

Hull, William - name appears on Wilson's list. Nothing further found.

[Hummel, Charles Clifford]:
Was not a Lennox and Addington son, or even a brief resident, but had friends at Napanee who wanted to have his name included. He was born at Chesterville, Ontario and was farming in Saskatchewan when he enlisted. He was killed by poison gas at the Battle of Amiens. He was not eligible for L&A War Work #472893

Hunt, Francis James:
[Of Richmond township?] 1st Depot Battalion, 1918. #3058435

Hunt, William Patrick:
Born Wrinsville. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058428

Hunter, William - name appears on Wilson's list. Nothing further found.

James Hutcheson:
Born at Glasgow, Scotland. Prior to the war, lived with the Crawford family near Wilton and worked as a farmhand. Before signing up, he lived briefly with his sister, Mrs. Fairweather, at the home of Clark Walker, also near Wilton. He left his personal effects there. Enlisted with the 80th Battalion and trained with them in Belleville and at Barriefield, but taken on strength with the 50th Battalion on arrival in England. Served in France from July 1916 until June 3rd, 1917. He was wounded twice. Killed in action by machine gun fire at the re-taking of Regina Trench at Vimy Ridge. Buried La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais (Vimy) The Napanee Beaver lamented, "He was a fine young man, and but 21 years of age." #220160

Huyck, W. F. - name appears on Wilson's list. Nothing further found.

Hyderman, Charles Ernest:
Born Deseronto. Lived east of Napanee. Enlisted 1916. Served in France with the 21st Battalion during winter of 1916-17. Became ill with trench fever and was sent back to England. He was to be sent home on an hospital ship, but collapsed at the dock and it was some time before he was well enough to travel to Canada. After recovering his health, he re-enlisted in October of 1918, but the war finished before he left Canada. #636363

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