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Enlisted Personnel, World War One - E and F

Eagle, Eric R.:
Born Yarker, Ontario. Occupation before enlisting, apprentice jeweller and watchmaker. Joined Royal Flying Corps. (R.A.F.) Was training in Toronto when war ended. Died in base hospital of influenza, 1919. RAF #170943

Eakins, Clarance Gray:
Born Belleville, Ontario. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, student, St. Andrews College. Served overseas in 18th Battery, C.F.A. in France, Belgium. Was at Passchendaele and Arras. #337959

Edgar, David Osmond:
Born Camden East. [Attestation papers say Yarker.] Moved to Yarker with his family at age fifteen. Occupation before enlisting, carpenter. Injured while training at Valcartier and not sent overseas. #8350959

Eklund, Alfred:
Born Edinburgh, Scotland. Orphan from Quarrier Home. Lived Newburgh. Occupation before enlisting, farmhand. Enlisted in 1916, when under-age. Served overseas with 21st Battalion. #636431

Ellis, H. W.:
Lived Northbrook. [Said to have served in 3rd Depot Battalion. Nothing further known.]

Emmons, Clark Vincent:
Born Rose Hall, Prince Edward County. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, draughtsman. Was at Valcartier Camp shortly after war was declared, and was among the earliest to enlist, volunteering September 9, 1914. He went overseas with the First Contingent. #5662

Emsley, W.H.:
Born Barnsley, Yorkshire. Graduated Hackney College, London, England. Occupation, Methodist Minister. Lived Napanee. Went to England with 1st Division, 1914. Served in France and Belgium for twenty months. Thereafter served as an hospital chaplain in France and England and at armistice was the Senior Chaplain of Military District No. 1, London, Ontario. Died in influenze epidemic, London, Ontario, 1919. While serving in France, he was mentioned in one of General Haig's dispatches during 1915 for devotion to duty. Honourary Captain. No serial number.

Emsley, Walter R.:
Born, Brockville, Ontario. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, estate agent. Served with the 21st Battalion in France, Belgium and Germany. Was at Arras, Amiens, Cambrai, Valencienne, Mons. Mentioned on the New Years Honours List, 1916 for devotion to duty. #59299

Evans, Hugh:
Was born in Napanee. As an adult, went out to Alberta to try ranching. Shortly after War was declared, he enlisted in Lord Strathcona's Horse, and was one of the men of the First Contingent. #2534

Evans, William Everett:
Born Moscow, Ontario. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058415

Fairburn, Bruce Wellington [a.k.a. Fairbairn]:
Born Centreville. Occupation before enlisting, "homesteading, Alberta". Served in 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles in France and Belgium. Killed in action, Sanctuary Wood, 1916. Body never found. Name appears on Ypres Memorial (Menin Gate). #106217

Fairburn, Harold Allen [a.k.a. Fairbairn]:
Born Centreville, Ontario. Occupation, farmer. Served with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in France, at Vimy Ridge, where he was killed in action. Name appears on Vimy Memorial. #835713

Fairburn, Harold P.[a.k.a. Fairbairn]:
Born Newburgh. Graduated Queen's University, 1912 (B.Sc.) Electrical engineer and draftsman. Served overseas in France with 24th Battalion. Killed in action, Hill 70. Body never found. Name appears on Vimy Memorial. #1078060

Faulk, Albert Edward:
Born Denbigh. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058477

Fee, Donald L.:
Born Camden East. Occupation before enlisting, physician and surgeon. Served in England with Canadian Army Medical Corps.

Fennell, Arthur B.:
Born in Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, assistant registrar, University of Toronto. Served as a signaller with 2nd Canadian Division in France and with 6th Signal Company in Siberia. Was at the Somme, Vimmy Ridge, Hill 70 and Paschendaele. Awarded Military Cross for maintaining telephone communication at Hill 70. Medal presented by George V. As he enlisted as an officer, there is no regular serial number.

Fenwick, A. Roy:
Born Enterprise. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Served with 21st Battalion in France. Was at Amiens and Arras (1918), where he was killed in action. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal posthumously for his courage at Amiens. He is buried at Tilloy British Cemetery, Tilloy-les-Mofflaines, France. #1093048

Fenwick, James Edmund:
Born Tamworth. After marriage, settled in Napanee. Occupation, harnessmaker. Enlisted 1915. #6277

Ferguson, Daniel:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, teamster. Served with 80th Battalion and 102nd Battalion in France. Was wounded once. Fought at Vimy Ridge. Killed in action shortly after main offensive, June, 1917. He is buried at Villers Station Cemetery, Villers-au-Bois, France. #219731

Fevreau, Francis Almonte:
Born in Anglesea township. Lived Flinton. Farmer. Enlisted Dec. 1915 in 146th Battalion. #835179

Filson, Henry Kerr, a.k.a. Harry:
Born Amherst Island. Moved to Kingston as a young man, and at outbreak of war was working as a guard at Kingston Penitentiary. Went overseas but while serving in France he contracted trench fever and was invalided back to England. #835063

Filson, Robert M.:
Born Amherst Island. Graduated from Queen's University. Occupation before enlisting, medical doctor. Took command of Queen's University Field Ambulance in 1916 and proceeded with the unit to England in 1917, where it was broken up. Filson served in France with the 7th Battalion as their Medical Officer and also with the 3rd and then the 1st Field Ambulance units. (He later commanded the 1st Field Ambulance.)

Finn, James S.:
Born Erinsville. Before enlisting, he worked as an electrician. He served with the 36th Battery in France, Belgium and Germany, and saw action at Ypres, the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras, Cambrai and the Mons offensive. Was wounded. #310912

Finn, Leo Vincent:
Born Enterprise. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058440

Finn, Robert:
Born either Tamworth or Erinsville. Just before the war, his family went to Michigan to work as a structural iron worker. He was living in the United States when the Military Service Act of 1917 drafted all eligible Canadian males. After some confusion, he returned to Canada, to London, Ontario, enlisted and was assigned to the 1st Depot Battalion, but was later given the chance to move to the 259th Canadian Rifles, with whom he went overseas to Siberia in 1918. #3130201

Finn, Samuel J.:
Born Erinsville. As a young man he moved to Watertown, N.Y. to work in the electrical trade. He enlisted with the 303 Field Signal Battalion which was raised in New York and went with them to France, where he served for five months. He saw action at St. Mihiel and at Argonne. #1759497

Finn, Thomas:
[Lived, Napanee? Nothing more known about this man.]

Finnegan, William Ambrose:
Of Roblin. Conscripted Barriefield, May 16, 1918. Trained with 1st Depot Battalion. #3059848

Fish, Lewis Lester:
Born Napanee. Occupation, cabinet maker and furniture finisher. Enlisted in 80th Battalion at Napanee in 1915. #219732

Fitzpatrick, Charles P.:
Born Napanee. At time of enlistment, he was attending University of Toronto in the School of Medicine. He enlisted in the Royal Navy and served in the North Atlantic with the Grand Fleet in 1918. He was injured by an explosion aboard his destroyer.

Fitzpatrick, Donald:
Born in Camden township, but also lived in Selby. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Served in Canada with the Eastern Ontario Regiment for four and a half months but was discharged before going overseas due to ill health. #3058640

Fleming, Frank Noel Sanford:
Lived in Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, mechanic (automobiles and tractors). On his attestation papers he described himself as a "contractor". Served overseas with the 48th Highlanders and then the 13th Canadian Battalion, mostly reconstructing railways. #132153

Forbes, Joseph:
Was born at Kaladar Station. Apprenticed as a stationary engineer. After his wife left him and went to the United States, he decided to enlist. He signed up with the 146th Battalion in Flinton in 1915. #835185

Ford, Frank:
Born Brighton, Sussex, England. Lived Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, labourer. Served in France with 21st Battlion. Was badly injured in the trenches by an exploding shell which caused concussion. #59331

Forneri, Agnes Florien:
Grew up in Adolphustown. Trained as a nurse at the Carleton General Hospital (Ottawa). In 1917, she went to Englaqnd and served at the Kitchener Memorial Hospital in Brighton. From there she was posted to No. 8 Canadian General Hospital, St. Cloud, France, where she became ill. She returned to England to recover and then took up duties at Bramshott, but suffered a relapse and died. She is buried in St. Mary's Churchyard, Bramshott, England.

Forneri, David Alwyn:
Born Belleville. Lived Adolphustown. Before the war, was a clerk working at the Merchant's Bank of Canada. Went overseas with the first contingent in October, 1914 as a private and served in Belgium and France. He secured a commission while overseas. He was with the 73rd Battalion at St. Julien, Givency, Messines, the Somme, Vimy Ridge and was wounded twice. At Vimy Ridge, he went missing in action and his body was never recovered. His name appears on the Vimy Memorial. #25949

Forneri, Katherine:
Born Adolphustown. Trained as a nurse. Served in England. On her way home to Canada, her ship was torpedoed off the Irish Coast, but she survived. She later returned to England again to serve.

Forster, St. John George (a.k.a. John):
He told the Historical Society that he was born in Ilford, Essex, England, but his attestation papers say Surrey. Lived in Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, bookkeeper. Served at Advanced Headquarters in France. He was at Mons when the Armistice was signed. #177765

Fortier, Albert:
Born Flinton. Before the war was living in British Columbia. Went overseas. Nothing further known.

Fortier, Edward a.k.a. 'Eddie':
Born at Flinton. Before the war, employed as a farm labourer. Served overseas with the 39th Battalion, First Division in France and Belgium for nearly four years. #412111

Fortier, Joseph Louis:
Born at Flinton. Farmer's son. Went to France with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and lost his life at Vimy Ridge, April, 1917. His name appears on the Vimy Memorial. #835139

Foster, David Roy:
Born Bracebridge, Ontario. Worked for Northern Crown Bank, which was absorbed by the Royal Bank. Lived Napanee, then Enterprise, where he was a clerk in the Royal Bank and was well-known in the town. He enlisted in the infantry at Napanee, but later was taken on strength with the Canadian Machine Gun Section. Went missing in action. Remains believed to be buried at Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium along with many other Canadians killed in the bloody struggle for Passchendaele and Langemarck. #412068

Foulger, George:
Born England. Lived Napanee. Before the war, he worked for the railways as a trackman. He served in France with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and was at Vimy Ridge, Arras, Cambrai and Mons. He was wounded once. He returned safely from the war but died in a railway accident in 1919. #835430

Fox, Alfred:
Born Newburgh. Occupation before enlisting, labourer. Went to France with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and was at Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele, where he was killed in action, October, 1917. His name appears on the Vimy Memorial (Menin Gate). #835500

Fox, Edgar Allan:
Born Newburgh. Occupation before enlisting, labourer. Was a Sergent in the 47th at Napanee for several years before the war. Enlisted Jan. 1916 in 146th. Went overseas and served several years in France, it is not known with which battalions. #835309

Fralick, George Franklin:
Born Sheffield, Ontario. Farmed near Roblin. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058405

Fralick, J. A.:
Born Morven. Occupation before enlisting, farmer, Saskatchewan. Served in France and Belgium with 54th Battalion. Was at the Somme, Vimy Ridge and Arras. Was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field. Mentioned in despatches in July, 1917. Wounded once. #474214

Franklin, Stanley Arthur:
Born Madoc township. Lived Yarker. Occupation before enlisting, wheel factory employee. Served with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in France. Wounded once. Saw action at St. julien, Zillebeck, Neuve Chapelle, Courcelette, St. Eloi, the Somme, Fresney, Vimy Ridge. #18050

Fraser, Frederick Ian Redvers:
Son of Roderick John Fraser of Napanee. Born at Vars, Ontario, in 1900. Enlisted in Kingston in 1916. Lied about age. Two days later, his father joined him and they sailed to England together. In England, his true age was discovered and he was not permitted to go to the front. #835849

Fraser, Marshall Graham:
Born Napanee. Occupation before the war, farmer. Served overseas with Canadian Engineers in France, Belgium and Germany. Was at Cambrai and Mons. #2266024

Fraser, Roderick John:
Born Glengarry, Ontario. Lived Napanee. Occupation, railway employee (trackman). Veteran of Boer War. Father of Frederick Fraser, who enlisted while still under age. Two days later, Roderick joined his son and they sailed to England together, but his son was detained in England and only he was permitted to continue to the front. #835858

Freeman, Harold John:
Born Yarker. Occupation before enlisting, miller. Served with 1st Depot Battalion and 75th Depot Battalion. #3058195

French, Harold Robert:
Born Napanee. Was helping on a farm near Vanguard, Saskatchewan, before enlisting. [Said to have served with 209th Battalion.] #253015

Fretts, R. E.:
Born at Hawley, South Fredericksburgh twp. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Enlisted with 146th Battalion but served only in Canada. [#835381]

Frink, Clifford Luke:
Born in Camden twp. Before war was living in Moscow, Ontario, farming. Served in 73rd and 42nd R.H.C. in France. Was At Vimy Ridge, Arras, Amiens, Cambrai and other battles. Was wounded twice. #219938

Frink, Wesley:
Born in Fredericksburgh township. Occupation before war, salesman. Had military experience prior to 1914 and was taken on strength as an officer. Invalided home in May, 1917, but subsequently was employed by the government to implement the Military Service Act of 1917. No serial number.

Frizzell, Reginald:
Born Tamworth. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058407

Furrs, Luther Hugh:
Born at Lapum [now Perth Road] in Frontenac County. Lived in Camden township. Before enlisting, worked as a labourer. Went to France in time for Passchendaele, where he was wounded in the back by a shell. After ten months convalescing in England, he was unable to return to the front, but took up a position as clerk in a supply camp. Returned to Canada after armistice and was admitted to hospital in Kingston for further treatment. #835093

Furrs, Shibley Arthur:
Born Croydon, Ontario. Lived Colebrook. Occupation at time of enlistment, student. He served in Canada with the Canadian Reserve Artillery. #2043089

Furse, Harold Gordon:
Born Adolphustown. Lived Sillsville. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, 1918. Served in England with 6th Ambulance Unit during the summer and autumn of 1918. #3058449

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