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Enlisted Personnel, World War One - D

Dafoe, Amos Andrew:
Born at Flinton. Occupation, merchant. Served in Canada with the 1146th Battalion. #835134, #1093096

Dafoe, Amos Roy:
Born in Kaladar township. Occupation before enlistment, employee at a sawmill. Served in France with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Killed in action at Vimy Ridge. #835114

Dafoe, George Arthur:
Born Deseronto. Served in Canada with First Depot Battalion. #3057582

Dafoe, Gerald:
Born Flinton. Occupation, miller. Served overseas with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Saw action at Vimy Ridge. Wounded. #835355

Dafoe, J. Campbell:
Born Flinton. Served overseas with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Saw action at Vimy Ridge and continued to serve at the Front until the Armistice. #835115

Dafoe, James Lewis Gilbert:
Born in Kaladar township. Occupation before enlistment, farmer. Served in the Canadian Forestry Battalion in England. #1093215

Dafoe, Martin Michael:
Born Flinton. Occupation before enlistment, engineer. #835467

Dafoe, Ross Oakland:
Born in Napanee. Occupation before enlistment, student. Served in France and Belgium for over 10 months, and saw action at St. Eloi, Sanctuary Wood and the Somme. #89095

Dafoe, Walter Willard:
Born Flinton. Occupation before enlisting, merchants clerk. #59278

Daly, Roland C.:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlistment, barrister. Enlisted in the Artists' Rifles. Transferred to Royal Garrison Artillery. Was at the Front for six months and participated in the Retreat on the Somme in March, 1918. Mentioned in dispatches. Was on New Year's Honours List for 1919. #490934

Darlington, Maxwell T.:
Born at Napanee. Later lived at Strathcona and Point Anne. Occupation before enlistment, labourer. Served overseas with the 19th Battalion in France, Belgium and Germany. Saw action for close to three years, including St. Eloi, the Somme, Lens, Vimy Ridge, Arras and Mons. Wounded twice. #413015

Davern, Frank Edmund:
Born at Napanee. Sailed overseas with the 21st Battalion. Won Military Medal at Courcelette. Also saw action at Hill 70 and Lens, where he was wounded. Died of wounds 22 August, 1917, age 19. Buried Bruay Communal Cemetery Extension.#59237

Davey, Bernard Merriton:
Born Wilton. Occupation before enlisting, clerk. Signed up May 31, 1916, 146th Battalion. #835965

Davison, Albert Clair:
Born at Forest Mills. Lived and farmed near Roblin. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058400

Davy, Arnold:
Of Enterprise. Nothing further known.

Davy, David George:
Born Amherst Island. Family lived near Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, farmer, Saskatchewan. #267686

Davy, Frank:
Born Enterprise, Ontario. Occupation before enlistment, farmer. Served with the 21st Battalion in France. Saw action several times, including Passchendaele for which he was mentioned in the dispatches for his bravery. Wounded at Battle of Amiens in 1918, and transported back to England. Died of his wounds in military hospital, Southampton. Buried Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton. [Headstone gives name as "Davey".] Age at death, 34. #1093263

Davy, Thomas Chester Alexander:
Born Amherst Island. By 1914, living in Napanee. Labourer. Enlisted Dec. 1915 in 146th Battalion. #835198

Dawson, Lorne:
Born Ernestown township. Enlisted with 59th Battalion [Royal Canadian Regiment]. Killed in action at the first Battle of the Somme, 1916. His name is on the Vimy Memorial. #455745

Day, N.:
Of Camden township. Nothing further known.

Day, Walter:
Born Glasgow, Scotland. Lived near Camden East. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Served in 146th Battalion. Wounded. #835207

Deare, Frank:
Born at Sydenham, but lived at Yarker. At the time of his enlistment he was employed as a pressman. Served in France with the 38th Battalion. Saw action at Awan [sic], Amiens, Arras, Cambrai and Valenciennes. Awarded Military Medal for devotion to duty under fire. #1042872

Delderfield, J. R.:
Born Norwich, England. Lived Ernestown Station. Occupation at time of enlistment, fireman on Grand Trunk Railway. Served in the artillery at Hill 70, Passchendaele, Amiens, Cambrai, Arras and Mons. #2001058

Deline, Otto F.:
Born at Enterprise. Occupation before enlisting, machinist. Was in France and Belgium with the 2st Division Signal Company and saw action at Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Amiens, Queant Drocourt line, Canal du Nord and Valenciennes. #348939

Dennison, Charles Datus:
Born in North Fredericksburgh township. Occupation before enlisting, farmer's son. Enlisted as Charles Denwood Dennison but his mother firmly said he was baptised Charles Datus. Served briefly in Canada but before he could go overseas, his father informed the Army that he was underage. #1090441

Dennison, Ray:
Born in Switzerville. Occupation before enlisting, clerk. Was in France with the 24th Battalion and saw action at Vimy Ridge and Lens, where he was wounded. #49654

Dennison, Wilfred C.:
Born in North Fredericksburgh township. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Served in France with the 39th Battalion. Was wounded twice. #455275

Dennison, William:
Born in Selby. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Went overseas to the front in 1918 and was in several actions. #3055844

Dennison, Willis H.:
Born Roblin. Occupation before enlisting, machinist. Served with the Engineers and as part of 21st Battalion. Saw action several times, including the Battle for Amiens. #506358

Dennee, Ernest A.:
Born Amherst Island. Before enlistment was employed at the cement plant at Point Anne. Overseas, he served with the 2nd Battalion, and was at Vimy Ridge, Fresnoy, Hill 70 (where he was wounded) and Passchendaele, where he was shot. He was evacuated to the Queen Mary Hospital in England, but subsequently died of his wounds. Buried in England in Brookwood Cemetery. #636792

Denyes, E. V.:
Born at Odessa. Occupation, farmer. Went to England with the 6th Canadian Reserves in the summer of 1918, but war finished before he was sent to the Front. #3058651

Denyes, Gerald:
Born Odessa. Before enlisting, he was a medical student. Served overseas with various hospital and ambulance units in Egypt and France. Was at engagements of Amiens and Arras, where he was wounded and also mentioned in the dispatches. #775

Denyes, Hazel H.:
Trained as a nurse at St. John's Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y. Served in England from 1917 to 1919.

Denyes, Meacham:
Born Newburgh, Ontario. Was a student before enlisting. Participated in several actions preceding the Battle of Arras, where he was killed in action. No known grave. #663541

Deroche, Alexander P.:
Born Napanee. At the outbreak of the war, he was the Assistant Director of Works and Buildings for the Department of Militia and Defence. He had been in the Royal Canadian Engineers since 1912. Deroche was in charge of all construction works in Canada during the war, including Camp Borden. He rose to the rank of Lt.-Colonel.

Detlor, Allen D.:
Born Newburgh. Occupation, farmer. Went overseas with the C.E.F. to England in 1916 but was sent back to Canada in 1917 when it was found that he was 47 years old. He re-enlisted in the Canadian Forestry Corps and again went to Britain, where his unit worked in England and Scotland, and for a was attached to the Royal Flying Corps. #2158531 and 835216

Detlor, Henry Minor:
1st Depot Battalion, 1918. #3058421

Detlor, Walter P.:
Born South Fredericksburgh. Occupation before enlisting, student. Served overseas in France and Belgium, including Battle of Ypres. Shot while on sentry duty and died two days later. #A 11132

Dewey, William John:
Born Croydon. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058457

Dibb, William:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, student. Served overseas with the 164th Battalion. Saw action at Paschendaele, Neippe Fores, Amiens, Arras, Cambrai, Donai, Denaine. #1090879

Dickenson, Grant:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, clerk. Served in Canadian Army Service Corps in France and Belgium and was present at almost all engagements on the Western Front in which Canadians were involved between January 1916 and the armistice. Mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig's dispatch of Nov. 7, 1917. #510124

Dickinson, Sidney G.:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, clerk. Served in the C.T.M.T.C. #510124

Dickson, Frederick Adam:
Born Glasgow, Scotland. Lived Enterprise and Centreville. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Enlisted Kingston, 1918. #343328

Dickson, William:
Born Glasgow, Scotland. Lived Enterprise. Occupation before enlisting, bookkeeper. Served in Canadian Army Medical Corps. #536170

Dingman, J. S.:
Of Napanee. Nothing further known. [Possibly #835431 ?]

Doller, Marjorie:
Born Trenton. Occupation before enlisting, telephone operator. Served in Canada as army clerical support.

Donohue, Edmund L.:
[Of Richmond township?] Drafted, 1st Depot Battalion, 1918. #3058433

Donovan, James M.:
Born Tamworth. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058409

Dool, Henry:
Born Denbigh. Occupation before enlisting, lumberjack. Sent to England with 159th Battalion, then to France with 5th Division (Railway Construction). Worked on railway reconstruction at the Somme, Arras, Ypres, Cambrai and Lillers. #648255

Dorland, James Phillip:
Born Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lived Adolphustown. Occupation before enlistment, farmer. Went overseas with 1st Division in October, 1914. #40400

Dott, Robert:
Born Glasgow, Scotland. Lived Camden East. Went overseas with the 80th Battalion, but then was taken on strength with a succession of other battalions decimated by actions at the front. Saw action on the Somme, at Vimy Ridge and at Cambrai. Was wounded once and also gassed. #219441

Dougan, Robert R.:
Served overseas with 20th Battalion. Was injured while abroad and invalided home. Died 1933. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee. # 885622

Douglas, Estella:
Born ?, Trained as a nurse at the Buffalo Women's Hospital, Buffalo, N.Y. Served as a nurse in Canada 1917-1919.

Doupe, James:
Born Centreville. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058410

Dowling, Wilfrid:
Born Enterprise. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Drafted, Barriefield, May 7, 1918. Served in Canada with 1st Depot Department. #3058404

Dracup, George Franklin:
Born near Lonsdale. Lived near Roblin. Occupation, salesman. Was working in Saskatchwan when he enlisted. Observation aviator, Royal Flying Corps. Killed by anti-aircraft fire, 1917. #782283

Duffett, William Harold:
Born Ottawa. Lived Adolphustown. Graduate in medicine from Queen's University. Served in Canadian Army Medical Corps, in Hastings, England.

Duffle, Edward James:
Born London, England. Came to Canada as a youngster and was employed by Herbert Chambers, R.R. 2, Napanee as a farm hand. Conscripted Barriefield May 16th, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. Nothing further known. # 3059902

Dulmage, B. R.:
[Said to have served in 1st Depot Battalion, but no record found. Initials may be incorrect.]

Dunn, John Clarence:
Born Newburgh. Occupation before enlisting, Post Office clerk, Toronto. Served overseas in France, Belgium and Germany. #321868

Dunn, Michael James:
Born Smiths Falls. Lived Kaladar township. Occupation before enlisting, railway ticket clerk. Served in France and Belgium with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in 1918. Was at Cambrai, the advance to Mons and the Valenciennes front. #3031699

Durham, Matthew:
Born Leith, Scotland. Lived Amherst Island. Occupation before enlisting, farmer. Joined the Royal Canadian Regiment, and saw action in France and Belgium. Was at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. At the Somme, he was shell-shocked which resulted in a disability which prevented him serving further at the Front. #455713

Dwyer, Joseph:
Lived Enterprise. [Said to have served in 198th Battalion, but no record found.]

Dwyer, Louise:
Born Camden township. Trained as a nurse in Kingston, Ontario. Served at Toronto and at Newmarket Military Hospital.

Dwyer, Wilfred:
Born Tamworth, lived in Camden township. Occupation before enlisting, bookkeeper. Volunteered in 1916. Served in France and Belgium with 80th Battalion and 124th Battalion (a.k.a. The Canadian Pioneers). Was at Passchendaele, where he was killed in action. No known grave. #835040

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