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Enlisted Personnel, World War One - B

Babcock, E.:
Lived Wilton. [3rd Depot Battalion]

Babcock, Fred E.:
Born Odessa. [Canadian Army Dental Corps] #566

Babcock, Harry Earl:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlistment, labourer. #636216

Babcock, Harry LeRoy:
Born Yarker. Occupation before enlistment, high school student. Served overseas and was at Lens and Passchendaele. Wounded. Later, joined Royal Flying Corps. #835061

Babcock, James Allen :
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlistment, labourer. #835597

Babcock, Judson:
Born Odessa. Occupation before enlistment, wagon maker. #219903

Babcock, Kenneth:
Born Wilton. Occupation before enlistment, farmer. Served in France. #835955

Babcock, Stanley Wells:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlistment, marine engineer. #636218

Baker, Edward H.:
Born Sheffield township. Occupation before enlistment, [farmer?], Saskatchewan. Served in France. Was killed in action at Passchendaele in 1917.

Baker, Edward Stanley:
Born near Stella, Amherst Island. Lived during the War at Bath. Conscripted Barriefield, May 16, 1918 and trained with 1st Depot Battalion. #305950

Baker, Edwin A.:
Born Ernestown township. Occupation before enlistment, electrical engineer. Served in France and Belgium. Received Military Cross.

Baker, Eleanor:
Nurse. Trained at Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal. Served in France (Rouen).

Baker, G. F.:
Of Ernestown township. Enlisted in 2nd Depot Battalion. Nothing more known.

Baker, Henry:
Born Ernestown township. At time of enlistment was Advertising Manager, Calgary Herald. Served in France. Was at Lens and Passchendaele. #696269

Baker, Herbert Shorey:
Born Deseronto. Lived Napanee. B.A. (Queen's) 1912. Also B.Sc. At time of enlistment was a mining engineer, Calgary. Taken on strength by Royal Warwickshire Regiment and went with them to Dardanelles, where he was wounded. Was at the evacuation of Gallipoli. Killed in action serving with 9th Battalion on Tigris line, North Africa, 4th April, 1916. Buried Amara War Cemetery, Iraq.

Baker, Wilbur:
Born Collins Bay. Occupation before enlistment, farmer. Machine gunner. Served in France, Belgium. Was at Hill 70, Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras, Cambrai. #320020

Ball, John Leslie:
Born at Vennachar. Occupation before enlistment, farmer. Served at the front with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Killed in action, Vimy Ridge, April 12, 1917. Buried at Quatre-vents Military Cemetery. Estree-Cauchy, Pas de Calais, France. #835576

Ballantyne, Robert Barn:
Came to Canada as a "Scottish orphan". Lived Fairknowe Home, Brockville. Taken as a ward by the Winters family of Selby area. Served in France with 21st Battalion. Killed in action, Amiens offensives, August 18, 1918. Buried Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux, France. #2255358

Barker, Edward:
Born in Arden. Farmed in Northbrook before the War. Trained for one year with the 47th Regiment. Enlisted January, 1916 in Kingston in the 146th C.E.F. #835358

Barr, I.:
Of Napanee. Enlisted in 2nd Depot Battalion. Nothing further known.

Barry, J.:
Of Moscow. Enlisted in 2nd Depot Battalion. Nothing further known.

Baughan, Harold:
Born Napanee. Occupation at time of enlistment, auditor (Jersey City, U.S.). Served in Forestry Corps in England. #2498798

Beard, Maitland A.:
Born at Presqu'ile. Lived Napanee. Occupation at time of enlistment, cabinet maker. Served in 39th Battalion in Canada. #A 12715

Bebee, Roy Mortimer:
Born in Vennachar. At time of enlisting, farming in Plevna. Volunteered for 146th Battalion, December, 1915. #835188

Beckett, B. D.:
This name appears in "The War Work of Lennox and Addington" (1922) in association with Napanee. We have been unable to find anyone of this name or similar.

Beeman, William Gilbert:
Born Centreville, 1884, son of Milton Ira Beeman, M.D. and Lilian Henault. Grew up in Newburgh and called it home for thirty years. Although born to a long line of doctors and preachers, he elected a military career and studied at the Royal Military College in Kingston for three years after completion of High School. His interest was the artillery. He enlisted for active service in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the 15th of June, 1915, with the rank of Captain. He was sent overseas to command the 9th Siege Batter, Royal Canadian Artillery. He was mentioned in the Despatches twice and won the Distinguished Service Order for bravery. He continued to serve after the end of hostilities and did not arrive back in Canada until July of 1919. After the war, he was appointed to the Staff College at RMC, but in 1923 he was again sent to England. On returning to Canada in 1926, he became General Staff Officer of Military Division No. 3, a post he held until 1929, when he returned to England to study at the Imperial Defense College. In 1932, he was appointed Director of Military Training and Staff Duties for the Canadian Army. In 1933, he went to Winnipeg to take over Military Division No.10. He retired in 1934 with the rank of Brigadier General, having served for 30 years. His final official assignment was to attend the Coronation of King Edward VIII as part of the Canadian delegation. Brigadier-General Beeman continued to maintain connections with friends from his military years. In 1950, he arranged a conference of military representatives from 26 nations. This conference took place in Switzerland. Gilbert Beeman died in 1953 and is buried in Newburgh Cemetery.

Bell, James H.:
Born Glasgow, Scotland. Lived Amherst Island. Occupation before enlistment, fisherman. Served in France re-building railways (6th Battalion). Died in the influenza epidemic, France, 1919. Buried Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France. #1090117

Benn, Albert L.:
Born Colebrook. Occupation before enlistment, carpenter. Served in France, Belgium. Was at the Somme the winter of 1916-17, and at Passchendaele, Amiens. #1081370

Benson, George Edward:
Born Croydon, England. Lived Tamworth, Ontario. Working on a farm in 1915. Enlisted Jan. 1916 in 146th Battalion. Fate unknown. #835509

Bentley, John:
Born in Leicestershire, England. Immigrated to Napanee where he worked as a gas technician. Had former military experience with the 95th Regiment of Foot (the Derbyshires). May have been the first man in Napanee to enlist, September 22, 1914, but due to his age and vision, was sent to the Forestry Corps. Annoyed, he applied to be transferred to an active Battalion. In 1917, he succeded in being taken on strength with the 230th Battlion. The officer wrote that Bentley had no vision at all in his left eye, but "since he is a good drill instructor and has seen service, I deem it wise to take him in". According to the attestation papers, Bentley had some interesting tattoos. #8047

Berry, John:
Of Moscow. Served in Army Service Corps. This may be the same man as John Barry. Nothing further known.

Berry, Thomas:
Of Kaladar Station. (Born in Hastings county.) Occupation, labourer. Enlisted in 1915, and served 9 months. Discharged due to medical problems. Enlisted again in 1917, but again discharged. #835186

Bey, John Napoleon:
Born Barrie township. Lived Cloyne. Farmer. Enlisted January 1916 with 146th Battalion. #835546

Bilton, Claude:
Born Norwich, England. Lived Enterprise. Served with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in France and Belgium. Was at Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Passchendaele, Ypres, Amiens, Arras, Canal du Nord and Mouchy. Awarded Belgium Croix de Guerre. Wounded at Hill 70. #835639

Blakely, Norman John:
Born in Oso township. Settled in Camden East. Labourer. Enlisted April 1916 with 146th Battalion. #835902

Blanchflower, Herbert Lane:
Born England [Kent?]. Lived Wilton. Occupation before enlistment, farmer. Served with 50th Battalion in France three months. Missing, presumed dead, November 1916. Name is on the Vimy Memorial. #220102

Blow, Kenneth:
Born South Africa. Lived for a while at Moscow. Miner. At time of enlistment, was working at Sydenham. Enlisted 1916 in 253rd Battalion. #1090065

Bonney, Richard F.:
Born Odessa. Occupation before enlisting, farm hand. Served in France and Belgium with 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Was at Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Amiens. Wounded twice. #835979

Boomhower, Osker:
A.k.A. Oscar. Farmer, of Selby, enlisted 1916 with 155th Battalion. #636562

Boomhower, Samuel:
Born Kennebec. Lived and worked at Northbrook. Occupation before enlisting, labourer. Signed up 1917 with 254th Battalion. #1093316

Boomhower, William [Jr.]:
Of Selby. A.k.a. "Willie". Brother of Osker Boomhower and enlisted on the same day, Feb. 3, 1916, in the 155th Battalion. #636565

Bosley, Damos Paul:
Born in Kaladar township. A.k.a. Amos Bosley. Farmed near Flinton. Enlisted December, 1915 with 146th Battalion. #835117

Both, Albert:
The War Work of Lennox and Addington" (1922) says that a person of this name from Denbigh enlisted in 1916, but no attestation paper has been found.

Both, Harry Alfred:
Farmer, Denbigh. Born Cloyne. Drafted April 30, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. 3057944

Both, Samuel George:
Born Denbigh. Occupation before enlisting, stenographer. Volunteered for 72nd (Queen's) Batter in May of 1918. #343356

Botting, George:
According to The War Work of Lennox and Addington" (1922), George Botting of Sillsville enlisted and went overseas. No match could be made with the attestation papers.

Bouchard, Audley Clarence:
Born and lived Flinton, Ontario. Farmer. Enlisted January, 1916 with 146th at age 16. #835351

Brachie - see Brochu

Brandon, William Bracken:
Born Napanee. Occupation before enlisting, dealer in farmstock, Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Served with Canadian Army Service Corps. While building a railway was struck by the shock from a shell and killed, Nov. 7, 1917. He is buried in the Oxford Road Cemetery, Wieltje, Belgium. #3-40005 [440005]

Breault, Louis Edmond:
Born Centreville. Occupation before enlistment, telegrapher, Crystal City, Manitoba. Served in France and Belgium. Was at Vimy Ridge, Lens, Passchendaele, Arras and Amiens. Mentioned in despatches. #187522

Breen, Joseph:
Of Enterprise, a farmer. Drafted into 1st Depot Battalion, June 1, 1918. Mustered at Barriefield. #3060255

Breen, Patrick Henry:
Conscripted May 16, 1918, 1st Depot Battalion. #305952

Bristol, Harry J.:
Born Fredericksburgh township. Occupation at time of enlistment, barber. Was also Sergent Instructor, Musketry in England. Served more than three years in France and Belgium.

Brochie - see Brochu

Brochu, Charles Francis:
Born Kaladar township. Farmed near Flinton. Enlisted March, 1917 in 254th Battalion. #1093367

Brochu, Malguire:
Born Kaladar township. Farmed near Flinton. Enlisted January, 1916 in 146th Battalion. Served at Windsor, Nova Scotia as a cook. #835271

Brooks, [John] Gordon:
Born Wensley. Occupation before enlistment, labourer. Served in France with the 21st Battalion for three months. Killed in action June 22, 1918. Buried in Wailly Orchard Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. #1090016

Brough, Peter:
Born Elzevir township. Lived Flinton. Occupation, farmer. Drafted January 7, 1918, 3rd Depot Battalion. #3055721

Brown, David Lawson:
Born in [Glasgow] Scotland. Came to Canada as an orphan and lived Odessa. Served in 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, then Canadian Machine Gun Corps. Struck in the chest, he was removed to the casualty hospital and then back to England. Died of wounds in hospital, December 31, 1918. Buried St. Jame's Cemetery, Dover, England. #835205

Brown, George William:
Son of Melvin Brown of Napanee. Born Cloyne. Tried to enlist in 146th Battalion early in the war and spent six months training before his age was discovered. Re-enlisted with 171st Battalion, November, 1916 at age 18. #685115

Brown, Amos Marshall:
Of Cloyne. Enlisted at Flinton in January 1916 with the 146th. Served overseas with the Railway Construction Corps, returning in 1919. #835345

Brushie - see also Brochu

Brushie, Camille:
Born Kaladar township. A.k.A. Brochu. Farmer near Flinton. Volunteered for 146th Battalion in March of 1916. #835842

Brushey, Joseph Alfred:
Born Flinton. A.k.a. Alfred Joseph Brochu. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058484

Bryden, Arnold Raymond:
Born Flinton. Farmer. Drafted Barriefield, May 7, 1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058473

Budneau, Joseph:
Born Flinton. Occupation before enlisting, labourer, Belleville. Enlisted November 1916 in Belleville at age 17. #1027486

Budneau, Joseph Francis:
Born Flinton. Moved to Cobourg. Occupation, labourer. Enlisted April 1917 in Cobough with 59th Battalion. #1087333

Budneau, John:
Born Flinton. Lumberman. Enlisted at Cobourg July, 1915 with 59th Battalion. #454636

Burger, Arthur Frank:
Son of Joanna Burger of Denbigh, he was born in Renfrew county. Occupation, mechanic. By the time of the war, he was living near Toronto, in Unionville. Enlisted November 1916 with 220th Battalion (York Rangers) but may have transferred to Engineers. #285660

Burgess, Charles:
On Napanee, was born in Camden township. Lived for a while on Amherst Island. Occupation before enlistment, rigger. Volunteered for Canadian Expeditionary Force in November of 1914. Saw combat at the front in France, Belgium. Killed in action, April 9, 1916. Name appears on Ypres Memorial (Menin Gate). #59113

Burgess, Robert Allen:
Of Enterprise was working on his mother's farm when drafted. Mustered Barriefield, May 7,1918. 1st Depot Battalion. #3058397

Burnett, William Arthur:
Born and lived Odessa. Occupation, miller. Drafted in 1918 to 1st Depot Battalion. Mustered Barriefield May 6, 1918. Taken on strength with 38th Battalion and went overseas. #3058233

Bush, Walter Clarence:
Born Wilton, Ernestown township. Occupation before enlistment, carpenter and farmer. At time of enlistment, was living in Tamworth. Served in France with 3rd Battalion. Took part in the taking of Vimy Ridge. Killed by a shell, 29 April 1917. Buried Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, France. When Bush enlisted, he already had the rank of Lieutenant with the 47th Frontenac Regiment, so there is no serial number.

Butcher, Robert Lyle:
Of Napanee. Born Madoc. Occupation before enlisting, "moulder". Joined up in August 1915. Family said he served in 4th Battalion. #144683

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