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Ernestown, Concession VI

The pioneer period.

This work is based on the Ontario, Land Registry Records. It incorporates notes made by the Larry Turner, Florence Reid, Irma Smith, Harriet Jeffreys and others. These are the Crown Grants, followed by the second owners of the properties.

Remember - one may own land without ever living on it. Even if there is a house on the land, the owner may not live there. There might be tenants!~

Index to Surnames

Amey, John - Lot 32, Lot 33

Amey, Joseph - Lot 42

Amey, Nicholas - Lot 32, Lot 33

Asselstine, John Sr. - Lot 12

Aylesworth, Othernid - Lot 17

Barclay, Robert - Lot 21

Bartley, Sarah - Lot 17

Bennett, Ebin - Lot 38

Bignall, Isaac - Lot 1

Burley, Freeman - Lot 36

Burley, John - Lot 5, Lot 36

Burley, Joseph - Lot 35,
Lot 36, Lot 37

Bush, Christopher - Lot 15

Bush, Henry - Lot 15

Caton, William - Lot 24

Clark, Benjamin - Lot 8

Clark, Daniel - Lot 34

Clark, John Collins - Lot 4

Clark, Robert - Lot 4, Lot 21

Clark, Samuel - Lot 21

Close, William - Lot 4, Lot 14

Cole, Conrad B. - Lot 8

Davy, George H. - Lot 8

Davy, John - Lot 8

DeWitt, Hiram - Lot 43

Dobbs, Alexander - Lot 43

Dobbs, M.M. - Lot 43

Dowling, Alvin - Lot 10

Empey, Christopher - Lot 17

Empey, Thomas - Lot 3

Fairfield, E.B. - Lot 19

Fairfield, W.J. - Lot 16

Fairfield, William - Lot 6

Fisk, Milton - Lot 39

Fraser, Daniel - Lot 20

Fraser, David - Lot 41

Harris, James - Lot 3

Hartman, Elizabeth - Lot 10

Hartman, Philip - Lot 10

Hawley, Jeptha - Lot 25

Hawley, Martin - Lot 5

Hawley, Sheldon - Lot 25

Hicks, Jane - Lot 34

Hicks, Lewis - Lot 33, Lot 34

Hutchins, Henry - Lot 29, Lot 30

Jackson, Thomas - Lot 16

Jacoby, Henry - Lot 38

Johnson, James - Lot 6

Johnston, William - Lot 12

Keslar, Jacob - Lot 24

Lake, Dennis - Lot 43

Lake, James - Lot 1

Lapum, Robert - Lot 30

Lewis, Elijah - Lot 2

Madden, Andrew - Lot 12

Madden, James - Lot 16

Madden, John - Lot 12

Madden, Thomas - Lot 11

Madden, William - Lot 5

Madden, William Sr. - Lot 1

Markland, Thomas - Lot 14

Martin, Elisha - Lot 43

McGinn, George - Lot 19

McLean, John - Lot 19

McPherson, John - Lot 4

Methodist Episcopal Church - Lot 11

Miller, Andrew - Lot 15

Miller, Andrew Sr. - Lot 12

Miller, Calvin - Lot 18

Miller, Calvin W. - Lot 7

Miller, Garnett - Lot 8

Miller, George - Lot 16

Miller, Peter - Lot 6

Neville, Anthony - Lot 13, Lot 14

O'Neill, Elizabeth - Lot 5

Perry, John - Lot 29, Lot 30

Perry, John Jr. - Lot 30

Perry, William - Lot 27, Lot 29

Peters, Eli - Lot 25, Lot 26

Peters, Israel - Lot 26

Peters, Jonathon - Lot 26

Peters, John - Lot 28

Peters, Joseph - Lot 27, Lot 28

Peters, Samuel - Lot 28

Peters, Samuel Jr. - Lot 26

Peters, Silas - Lot 26

Pruyn, Francis - Lot 39

Pultz, David - Lot 40

Raney, Crawford - Lot 18

Raney, Thomas - Lot 18

Robins, James, Lieutenant - Lot 11

Robison, Richard - Lot 9

Scouten, Barbara - Lot 23

Scouten, Daniel - Lot 22, 23

Shibly, John - Lot 22

Simmons, Henry, Lieutenant - Lot 9,
Lot 36, Lot 37, Lot 38, Lot 39,
Lot 40, Lot 41, Lot 42

Simmons, Nicholas - Lot 37, Lot 38

Smith, Catherine - Lot 23

Smith, Michael - Lot 22, Lot 23

Smith, Philip - Lot 29

Smith, Simon - Lot 38

Snyder, Abram - Lot 30, Lot 31

Snyder, Conrad - Lot 31

Snyder, Daniel - Lot 32

Snyder, Jacob - Lot 31, Lot 32

Snyder, Jonas - Lot 30, Lot 31

Snyder, Mark - Lot 17

Stiles, Silas - Lot 5

Storms, Gilbert - Lot 35, Lot 36

Storms, Gilbert Jr. - Lot 36

Storms, Henry - Lot 35

Storms, Jacob - Lot 35

Stover, Jacob - Lot 40

Stuart, James - Lot 14

Switzer, Christopher - Lot 9, Lot 11

Switzer, J.G. - Lot 10

Taylor, David - Lot 14

Taylor, James, Sergeant - Lot 14

Thomas, Peter - Lot 7

VanLuven, Hannah - Lot 10

VanLuven, Henry - Lot 10

VanLuven, Leonard - Lot 7

Wallace, James A. - Lot 43

Ward, James - Lot 33, Lot 34

Ward, William - Lot 24

West, James - Lot 6

Williams, David - Lot 1, Lot 2

Williams, Jonathon - Lot 13

Williams, William Sr. - Lot 20

See lots below.

Early Land Transactions

Lot 1, west half: Crown to Isaac Bignall, 100 acres, being west half, 1848. Isaac Bignall sold to David Williams

Lot 1, east half: Crown to William Madden Senior, 100 acres, being east half, 1859. Before 1882, William Madden sold the 100 acres to James Lake.

Lot 2: Crown to David Williams, all 200 acres,1802. David Williams sold the entire property to Elijah Lewis in 1805.

Lot 3: Crown to James Harris, all 20 acres, 1802. James Harris sold to Thomas Empey in1807 for 100

Lot 4, west part: Crown to Robert Clarke, 1798, 150 acres being west part. In 1817, Robert Clarke willed the property to John Collins Clarke.

Lot 4, east part: Crown to John McPherson Jr., 50 acres in 1803, being east quarter. In 1829, John McPherson sold the 50 acres to William Close for 57

Lot 5, west half: Crown to Elizabeth O'Neill in 1802. Elizabeth sold to William Madden in 1806, all 100 acres for 55.

Lot 5, east half: Crown to Silas Stiles et al, east half, 100 acres, in 1806. In 1816, Martin Hawley acquired the east portion of the east half of lot 5. In 1821, Silas Styles sold the west portion of the east part to John Burley.

Lot 6, east half: Crown to William Fairfield, 1803. He sold the east half to Peter Miller in 1807 for 37 (probably vacant land).

Lot 6, west half: Crown to James West, 1822. James West sold to James Johnson for 150

Lot 7: Crown to Peter Thomas, all 200 acres, 1805. In 1824, Peter Thomas sold 100 acres, "part" (likely the south part) to Leonard Van Luven for 75. In 1831, Peter Thomas sold 100 acres "part, being the north end of the lot" to Calvin W. Miller for 25.

In later years, the Switzerville Post Office was located on Lot 7.

Lot 8: Crown to John Davy, 1803, all 200 acres. In 1805, John Davy sold the east half (100 acres) to Garnett Miller for 50. Apparently John Davy left or gave the west half to George H. Davy. In 1829, George H. Davy sold the southwest quarter (50 acres) to Benjamin Clark for 56/5/0 [fifty-six pounds, five shillings, no pence]. In the same year, George H. Davy sold the northwest quarter (also 50 acres) to Conrad B. Cole for the same amount.

Lot 9: Crown to Lieutenant Henry Simmons, 1802, all 200 acres. In 1810, Henry Simmons sold Richard Robison the entire parcel for 100. In 1814, Richard Robison sold Christopher Switzer the entire parcel of 200 acres for 186.

Lot 10: Crown to Philip Hartman, all 200 acres. In 1823, Philip Hartman sold the north half (100 acres) to Hannah VanLuven for 5. In 1826, he sold the south half to Elizabeth Hartman for the same amount. In 1836, Henry VanLuven and wife sold the north half to J.G. Switzer for 400, a substantial sum which suggests a dwelling and other improvements. Elizabeth Hartman's south half ended up belonging to Alvin Dowling sometime before 1844.

Lot 11, west half: Crown to Lieutenant James Robins, 100 acres in 1797. In 1805, James Robins sold the entire west half to Christopher Switzer. In 1825, Christopher Switzer sold one acre of this property to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 5. Switzerville Methodist Chapel.

Lot 11, east half: Crown to Thomas Madden 100 acres in 1803. In 1807, Thomas Madden sold the east half to Christopher Switzer for 100. Switzer already owned the west half, so the two halves were reunited under one owner.

Lot 12: Crown to William Johnston, 1806, all 200 acres. By 1812, John Asselstine Senior owned half of the east half of the property. He sold this 50 acres to Andrew Miller Senior in 1812.

In 1819, William Johnston sold the remaining 150 acres (west half, plus half of the east parcel) to John Madden for 37, the price for vacant land.

Lot 13: Crown to Jonathon Williams, all 200 acres. In 1807, Jonathon Williams sold the 200 acres to Anthony Neville.

Lot 14, east half: Crown to Sergeant James Taylor, 1802, the east half, being 100 acres. In 1811, Jas. Taylor sold the parcel to James Stuart. In 1836, James Stuart sold the land to William Close for 150.

Lot 14, west half: Crown to David Taylor, 1803, the west half, being 100 acres. He must have sold his land to Thomas Markland. In 1814, Thomas Markland sold the west half of lot 14 (100 acres) to Anthony Neville.

Lot 15, east half: Crown to Henry Bush in 1804, 150 acres being east half, plus a half of the west half.

Lot 15, west half: Crown to Andrew Miller, 1804, 50 acres being part of the west half.

By 1830, the entire parcel of 200 acres was in the Bush hands, as Henry Bush sold it to Christopher Bush for 200 in 1830.

Lot 16, east part: Crown to Thomas Jackson, 1811, 150 acres being the east half, plus half of the west part. Thomas Jackson sold the 150 acres to W.J. Fairfield and wife, who in turn sold it to James Madden in 1829.

Lot 16, west part: Crown to George Miller, one quarter of the lot being half of the west half, 50 acres.

Lot 17: 1801, Crown to Mark Snyder, all 200 acres. Mark Snyder sold 100 acres (the south half) to Sarah Bartley. She sold the 100 acres to Othernid [sic] Aylesworth. The Snyders must have also sold the north half, as by 1839 it was the property of Christopher Empey.

Lot 18: The Crown deed on this property is late, 1844. The Crown gave it to Crawford Rainey, noting that it was "the south part only, comprising 180 acres". In 1848, Crawford Rainey severed 20 acres of the south part and sold it to Calvin Miller. In 1865, the remaining 160 acres was the property of Thomas Rainey [or Raney].

Lot 19: Crown to George McGinn, 1801, all 200 acres. In 1821, George McGinn sold the entire property to E.B. Fairfield for only 25. In 1823, E.B. Fairfield sold the property to John McLean for 175.

Lot 20: Crown to William Williams, all 200 acres. In 1812, William Williams Senior sold the 200 acres to Daniel Fraser for 60.

Lot 21: Crown to Robert Clark, all 200 acres. In 1817, will of Robert Clark transferred the entire 200 acres to Samuel Clark. In 1832, Samuel Clark sold the 200 acres to Robert Barclay for 400

Lot 22: Crown to John Shibly, 1803, 50 acres being the southwest quarter. He appears to have kept the property. A year later (1804) Crown to Michael Smith the remaining 150 acres. Smith must have never proved his title. In 1822, the Crown re-assigned the 150 acres to Daniel Scouten. Daniel Scouten transferred the land to Jacob Scouten in 1828. The land remained in Scouten hands for many years.

Lot 23. The history of lot 23 is confusing. In 1798, the Crown awarded the east half (100 acres) to Catherine Smith. She sold this 100 acres to Daniel Mac Scouten [sic] in 1806. In 1802, the Crown awarded the west half (100 acres) to the same Michael Smith who received a grant in lot 22. Forty years later (in 1842) the Crown awarded the west half to Barbara Scouten.

Lot 24. Crown to William Ward in 1807, the entire lot of 200 acres. In 1809, William Ward and his wife sold the 200 acres to Jacob Keslar. The next transaction is missing but in 1857, the entire parcel belonged to William Caton.

Lot 25. Crown to Jeptha Hawley, all 200 acres, 1801. In 1821, Sheldon Hawley and his wife sold to their neighbour, Eli Peters 50 acres, being the northeast quarter.

Lot 26, east half: Crown to Eli Peters, 1803.

Lot 26, west half: Crown to Samuel Peters Jr, 1803

Eli Peters must have acquired the west half from Samuel as in 1845, his will left the west half to Silas Peters. He also left Israel Peters certain conditional rights to the west half. He left his Crown grant, the east half, to Jonathon Peters.

Lot 27, east half: Crown to William Perry, 1803, 100 acres. In 1813, William Perry and his wife sold the east half to Joseph Peters for 500, which suggests that there were improvements on the property.

Lot 27, west half: Crown to Peter Perry, 1803, 100 acres. In 1813, Peter Perry and his wife sold the west half to Joseph Peters.

Lot 28: Crown to Samuel Peters, 1803, 150 acres being the west half and the northeast quarter. Crown to Joseph Peters, 1803, 50 acres, being the southeast quarter. Joseph and Samuel Peters gave the 200 acres to John Peters in 1814.

Lot 29: Crown to William Parry [sic], west half and part of the east half, 150 acres, 1803. Crown to John Parry, remainder of east half, 50 acres. In 1806, William Perry and his wife sold their 150 acres to Philip Smith. In 1814, John Perry and his wife sold their 50 acres to Henry Hutchins.

Lot 30, east half: Crown to Abram Snyder in 1802. (Abram Snyder also owned the west part of lot 31.) Abram Snyder Sr. to Jonas Snyder for 100 in 1817. Jonas Snyder almost immediately sold the 100 acres to Robert Lapum.

Lot 30, west half: Crown to John Perry in 1803. John Perry sold part of the lot to Henry Hutchins in 1814 for 25. However, he kept the rest, and in 1845 by his will the west half was left to John Perry Jr., subject to life estate of female members of the family.

Lot 31, west half: Crown to Abram Snyder in 1802, 100 acres. (Abram Snyder also owned the east half of lot 30. ) Abram Snyder Sr. to Jonas Snyder in 1817. Jonas Snyder sold the parcel to Robert Lapum in 1820.

Lot 31, east half: Crown to Jacob Snyder in 1801. Jacob Snyder also received the west half of lot 32. He kept the 100 acres in lot 31 until 1853, when it became the property of Conrad Snyder.

Lot 32, west half: Crown to Jacob Snyder, 1801, 100 acres. In 1851, Jacob Snyder transferred the land to Daniel Snyder.

Lot 32, east half: Crown to Nicholas Amy in 1805, 100 acres. (Nicholas Amey was also granted the west half of lot 33.) Nicholas Amey and wife gave the land to John Amey in 1811.

Lot 33, west half: Crown to Nicholas Amey, 1805. In 1811, Nicholas Amey and his wife transferred the land to John Amey.

Lot 33, east half: Crown to Lewis Hicks, 1802. (Lewis Hicks was also granted lot 34.) In 1811, Lewis Hicks and his wife sold to James Ward.

Lot 34: Crown to Lewis Hicks, 1802, the entire 200 acres. In 1811, Lewis Hicks and wife sold the west half to James Ward along with the east half of lot 33. However, they kept the east half of lot 34. In 1832, Jane Hix [sic] sold the 100 acres in the east half to Daniel Clark for 300, indicating that there was likely a dwelling on the property by then.

Lot 35: Crown to Gilbert Storms in 1802, 200 acres. In 1811, Henry Storms severed a parcel of the land and sold it to Joseph Burley. In 1827, Gilbert Storms transferred to Jacob Storms the remaining 150 acres, described as three-quarters of the lot, to Jacob Storms for 5, likely a transaction within the family.

Lot 36: The Crown divided this lot three ways. 1802, Crown to Gilbert Storms, one quarter of the lot being 50 acres in the west half. Crown to Gilbert Storms Junior 1802, one quarter of the lot, also being 50 acres in the west half. Crown to Lieutenant Henry Simmons 1802, the east half, 100 acres. Henry Simmons sold his east half to Joseph Burley in 1805. Henry Storms sold part of the west parcel to Joseph Burley in 1810. In 1830, Gilbert Storms Senior sold the remaining land in the west half to Freeman Burley.

Lot 37: Crown to Lieutenant Henry Simmons in 1803, all 200 acres. In 1805, Henry Simmons sold the west half to Joseph Burley, who acquired the east half of lot 36 from Simmons at the same time. In 1813, Henry and Nicholas Simmons sold off part of the west half.

Lot 38: Crown to Lieutenant Henry Simmons 1803, all 200 acres. In 1813, Henry Simmons sold Henry Jacoby 100 acres "in the rear of the parcel". In 1815, Henry Simmons and his wife severed one acre for Ebin Bennett. In 1823, Nicholas Simmons sold a quarter of the lot (50 acres) to Simon Smith.

The core of the present village of Wilton is located on Lot 38 and Lot 39.

Lot 39: Crown to Lieutenant Henry Simmons 1803, all 200 acres. 1816, Henry Simmons sold the entire 200 acres to Francis Pruyn. In 1820, Francis Pruyn sold the north quarter to Milton Fisk and severed 17 acres which he sold back to Henry Simmons.

Lot 40: Crown to Lieutenant Henry Simmons 1803, all 200 acres. In 1805, Henry Simmons sold the north quarter (50 acres) to David Pultz, and in the same year, the remaining 150 acres to Jacob Stover. The Pultz family held the fifty acres for many years but the Stovers later sold.

Lot 41: Crown to Lieutenant Henry Simmons 1803, all 200 acres. In 1822, Simmons sold the entire 200 acre parcel to David Fraser for 150.

Lot 42: Crown to Lieutenant Henry Simmons 1803, all 200 acres. In 1805, Simmons sold the land to Joseph Amey for 70.

Lot 43: This is the gore lot. In December, 1817, the Crown gave this land to Alexander Dobbs, who received a total of 500 acres including property in the seventh concession. In 1840, the Estate of M.M. Dobbs sold 94 acres to Elisha Martin for 75. In 1859, Elisha Martin sold his property to Hiram De Witt. It was then described as 103 acres. In the same year, De Witt resold the 103 acres to Dennis Lake. In 1869, Dennis Lake sold the land and other property to James A. Wallace for a down payment of $400 and a take-back mortgage of $1600, indicating considerable improvements.

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